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The Best Funnel Cake Toppings

7 Delicious Gourmet Funnel Cakes

Warm, golden brown, seared to perfection, covered in a layer of powdered sugar, a funnel cake is a classic carnival concession food that’s loved by many. What’s even better is when ingredients are added to make delectable dessert flavors. Gourmet funnel cakes aren’t just delicious treats for your tastebuds, they also have a visually tempting presentation that draws you in. If you have a sweet tooth, these funnel cake ideas will be hard to resist!

Making the Best Funnel Cakes

Making funnel cakes is a combination of an art and a science. The batter must be the right consistency, not too thick and not too thin, to cook properly. Gold Medal funnel cake mixes include everything you need for the best funnel cake batter. Follow the recipe for the Pennsylvania Dutch Mix or Old-Fashioned Funnel Cake Mix for consistent batches. The key step to making funnel cake batter is to add the funnel cake mix to the water. If you add water to funnel cake mix, clumping may result. Once the batter has been blended well, it is time to let the fryer do its work. The recommended oil is vegetable oil, as it is free from peanut allergens. The fryer temperature should be between 375-400 degrees F. Once at the proper temperature, you can insert the funnel cake mold. First, pour a circle of batter around the inner edge of the mold. Next, make a zig-zag design overlapping itself and touching the edge of the circle. After approximately 30 seconds, remove the mold and use tongs to turn the funnel cake over, so that it browns on both sides. After both sides have a nice golden-brown color, you can remove the funnel cake and allow it to cool. The entire process takes only minutes.

Indulge in Funnel Cake Flavors

Let the fun begin! Funnel cake additives or toppings can be as creative and imaginative as you make them. These ideas are meant to inspire you to think beyond just powdered sugar and explore the decadent ingredients that will upgrade your funnel cake experience.

Red Velvet Funnel Cakes

Red Velvet flavored funnel cake

With an eye-catching red color and a strikingly irresistible chocolate taste to match, the Red Velvet Funnel Cake leaves an amazing first impression. The Red Velvet Funnel Cake Mix Additive gets mixed in with the funnel cake mix. Use a whisk to blend while mix is still dry. Mix with water and then use the batter as normal in the fryer. (Note that if the batter is overcooked, it turns dark red. You want it to stay bright red.) After it briefly cools, you can top with powdered sugar, cream cheese frosting, whipped cream, or vanilla ice cream. (Full recipe available here.)

Pumpkin Spice Funnel Cakes

Normal looking funnel cake that is flavored with Pumpkin Spice

The autumn season is the ideal time for indulging in the taste of a Pumpkin Spice Funnel Cake. The Gold Medal Pumpkin Spice Mix is a dry mix that is blended into the funnel cake mix, infusing the batter with pumpkin flavor. (The full recipe is available in our Recipes section.) The color of a pumpkin spice funnel cake is not all that different from a typical funnel cake. However, you can dress it up with toppings like, nutmeg mixed with powdered sugar, drizzled white chocolate, or whipped cream.

Multi-Colored Funnel Cakes

Funnel cake that is dyed multiple colors and fried together with whip cream on top.

The secret ingredient for making Multi-Colored Funnel Cakes is Gold Medal’s Signature Blends®. This recipe shows Halloween-inspired ideas like an orange and black cherry funnel cake or a monster green apple funnel cake. But there are also options to make them red and blue for patriotic holidays or create spirited funnel cakes in your team’s colors. Signature Blends come in many different colors and flavors, so get creative! Top with whipped cream and sprinkles in complementary colors.  

Cookies and Cream Funnel Cakes

Regular Funnel cake topped with Oreo cookie pieces and whip cream topping.

Famous in cookies, ice cream, and even popcorn, cookies and cream is one of the most popular flavors. People are drawn to that nostalgic taste. Why not add it to your funnel cakes too? Topped with cookie crumbles, the familiar white crème, and drizzled with melted chocolate, you’ll have everything you need to deliver the cookies and cream flavor everyone knows and loves. (Full Recipe available here.)

Birthday Cake Funnel Cakes

Regular funnel cake with whipe cream and sprinkles as a topping.

A funnel cake that is worthy of any celebration is birthday cake! Kids and adults alike will love that birthday cake flavor with the fun factor of a funnel cake. Signature Blends Birthday Cake gives the sweet taste of cake batter. There’s no color, so the appearance of the funnel cake will be the same as normal. The fun part is dressing it up. Use icing and lots of sprinkles or place a big scoop of ice cream in the middle and top it with a candle. (Full Recipe available here.)

Fruit Topping Funnel Cakes

Funnel cake with Whip Cream and Strawberries on top with a strawberry sauce drizzeled over.

Strawberry may be one of the best-known funnel cake toppings. Delightful fresh strawberries and whipped cream make a strawberry shortcake funnel cake. However fresh strawberries do require additional labor, which isn’t always possible for operators. As an alternative, consider fruit toppings. Gold Medal’s Word’s Greatest Toppings can take your funnel cakes to the next level. And while strawberry may be the most popular option, you can also try seasonal favorites like apple for fall or cherry for winter. (Full Recipe available here.)

Banana Pudding Funnel Cakes

Funnel Cake with Whip cream, Bananna Pudding and Graham Cracker cookies as toppings.

Rich and smooth, banana pudding makes a flavorful addition to your funnel cakes. This comfort food has great customer appeal. It is a customer favorite at the Funnel Cake Spot in Jacksonville, FL. It serves as a crowd-pleaser with layers of homemade banana pudding, banana slices, and vanilla wafers, topped with a dollop of whipped cream and showered in powdered sugar as a finishing touch. (Full Recipe available here.)


The great thing about funnel cakes is that the only limit to your creations is your imagination! There are some places that even offer funnel cake bars where customers can make their own selection of toppings. They may offer candy, cereal, fruits, syrups, sprinkles, and more. We hope this will inspire you to make your own mouthwatering gourmet funnel cakes. Share your funnel cake masterpieces with us on Facebook or Instagram; we will love seeing what you come up with!


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