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7 Valentine's Day Recipes to Help Customers Show Their Love

Valentine's Day Recipe Roundup

Valentine’s Day will be here soon! Will you be ready to help your customers celebrate their love with themed food and drinks? Have window boxes and bags ready for gift packaging, or go big with festive décor and advertise as a hot spot for date night desserts.

Here are some lovely Valentine’s Day recipes to offer this season.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Fudge

Decadent and delicious, this chocolatey tart fudge will be an immediate hit. Made with Strawberry Sno-Kone® concentrate, it’s perfect for puckering up. Top with fresh sliced strawberries for a special touch.

chocolate-covered strawberry fudge with strawberries on top and pink candy sprinkles

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Cherry Vanilla Swirl Fudge

Beautifully crafted red and white swirls of cherry and vanilla provide an Instagram-worthy photo-op for any Valentine.

cherry vanilla swirl fudge sitting on white plate

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Pink Hot Chocolate

Add a pop of color to ordinary hot chocolate to take it to the next level for the lovebirds who visit your shop. Don’t forget the sprinkles!

pink hot chocolate with whipped cream and pink sprinkles on white with red cloth background

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Pink Lemonade Punch

Punch is making a comeback! For a festive refreshment, combine ginger ale, sherbet, and our Pink Lemonade Frusheez®. Garnish with fresh strawberries.

pink lemonade punch with strawberries in punch bowl with cups of punch with strawberries

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Red Velvet Waffles

Nothing says “I love you” quite like rich red velvet. Offer your customers a unique treat with red velvet waffles drizzled with melted White Alpine Chocolate Wafers.

three red velvet waffles topped with white chocolate drizzle and pink sprinkles shaped like hearts on a stick

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Cupid’s Popcorn Mix

Gourmet popcorn Cupid style – combine batches of Red Cherry, Pink Cherry, and Vanilla popcorn. For an even sweeter treat, drizzle with white chocolate.

cupid's popcorn mix consisting of red, pink, and vanilla popcorn in a large bowl with popcorn in cupcake holders to the side

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Candy Apples

For those sweethearts with a true sweet tooth, candy apples are a gorgeous and unexpected gift. You can also offer caramel apples drizzled with melted white chocolate or covered in red and pink M&M candies.

red candy apples with sprinkles on wooden skewer sticks

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