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Candy Apples with Apple EZ Candy Apple Mix

Candy Apples with Apple EZ Candy Apple Mix


Ready to make cherry, grape or blue raspberry candy apples? It is easy with the Apple EZ Candy Apple Mix.


  • Small, clean, and dry apples
  • #4144, #4142, or #4143 Apple EZ Candy Apple Mix – depending on what flavor you choose
  • 5 lbs. of sugar
  • 16 oz. of water


  • TIP: Have apples clean, dry and at room temperature with setter sticks in place before making the candy coating.
  • Mix in kettle Apple EZ Candy Apple Mix and 5 lbs. of sugar
  • Add 16 oz. of water and turn on heat
  • As the coating starts to boil, stir occasionally, wiping down any sugar crystals on sides of kettle
  • Cook to 290 to 300 degrees F
  • Turn off heat 
  • Dip your apples – be sure to spin the apple well to remove excess coating (a thinly coated apple is easier to eat)
  • Tilt the kettle and secure it with the latch on the side of the cooker for easy dipping
  • Set candy apples on parchment paper to cool
  • Allow candy apple to cool for 30 minutes before serving or packaging.

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