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How Do You Make Funnel Cakes?

Funnel Cake Q&A

Common at carnivals, fairs, sporting events, and more, funnel cakes are a delicious treat that everyone loves.  Curious about funnel cakes and everything they entail? Here are some answers to questions you may be asking.


What is the cooking process for a funnel cake?

First, wait for the temperature indicator light to come on. Now that you are at the proper temperature, you can insert molds and pour batter in a circle around the edge, then make a zig-zag overlapping design touching the outer edge circle. After approximately 30 seconds, remove the mold and turn the funnel cake over with tongs to achieve a golden brown on both sides. Remove the funnel cake and let it cool briefly.


How do you make a funnel cake in a deep fryer?

In order to cook a funnel cake in a deep fryer you will want to use the #5110 Lift-Off 6” Mold Ring or #5154 Lift-Off 8” Mold Ring. Both mold rings are made and used for gas fryers. Each ring comes with a matching platform.


How much can you make selling funnel cakes?

Funnel cakes are the most popular and profitable pastry. The profit potential will vary based on the event and level of experience. Usually, a funnel cake can sell on average from $3.00- $6.00. Yet, it costs less than $1.00 to make.


How do you make funnel cake batter?

The key to making funnel cake batter is to add funnel cake mix to water. Not water to funnel cake mix. If you add water to funnel cake mix, clumping occurs. In order to combat clumping, have your water set and add the mix to that that stir.


What types of oil should you use for funnel cakes?

When making funnel cakes we suggest using vegetable oil. If you use vegetable oil you do not have to worry about food allergies. This is different compared to peanut oil. If you use peanut oil to make your funnel cakes, you must be cautious of customer’s food allergies to peanuts. It is better to stick with a simple, easy oil like vegetable oil.


What’s the secret to making the best funnel cakes?

There are two factors that contribute to making the best funnel cakes: the mix and the fryer temperature. When it comes to choosing your mix, certain ones are harder to cook with than others. We recommend our Deluxe Pennsylvania Dutch Mix or Old-Fashioned Funnel Cake Mix. These mixes are designed to sear on the outside and trap the softness of the cake on the inside. When it comes to fryer temperature, hotter is better. You want the fryer temperature to be as hot as you can get it. We suggest a fryer temperature between 375 to 400 degrees. This hot temperature will help the outside of the funnel cake turn crispy.


What is the difference between the Deluxe Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cake Mix and the Old Fashioned Funnel Cake Mix?

The Deluxe Pennsylvania Dutch mix is sweeter in taste and seers better on the outside of the cake. While the Old-Fashioned mix has a less sweet taste and takes longer to cook. The Old-Fashioned mix uses more water while the Deluxe Pennsylvania Dutch mix uses more mix.


How can I determine which fryer is right for me?

The type of fryer you get depends on your venue. Is your venue stationary or are you in a mobile trailer? If your venue is at a stationary location, we suggest one of our digital controlled fryers. These fryers have a quick oil recovery time and a ribbon heat element with digital heat control. Overall, this makes the digital controlled fryers perfect for any high-volume location. If you have a mobile trailer, we suggest a gas fryer such as the #5099NS Six-Cake Funnel Gas Fryer. With a gas fryer, you do not have to worry about electric. Instead the fryer is powered by gas making it perfect for mobile and outdoor events.



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