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5 Food Trends to Try this Summer

Sunset Wheat Field

Summer Fun Food Ideas

From pools to tourist attractions, stadiums, and more, summer is a busy season for any concession stand. How can you make the most of this time of year? As you plan, consider how you might incorporate current food trends. What will engage customers and encourage purchases? Can you try something new or maybe put a different twist on a classic favorite? Use this as an opportunity to connect with the customer and deliver an experience that they’ll want to share with others. Let’s explore some of the food trends predicted to be hot this summer.

closeup of German Chocolate Fudge showcasing coconut topping and chocolate fudge


According to Nutritional Outlook, sweet flavors will always have a home with consumers. As an area where people feel free to indulge, chocolate is an all-time favorite. And it is ideal as it can be used in so many different ways. Top gourmet popcorn with a combination of milk chocolate and white chocolate drizzle. Or try a decadent fudge recipe like German Chocolate Fudge.

Nostalgic flavors are associated with happiness, positive taste memories, and childhood bliss. Cotton candy is one of the most popular trending flavors in this category. Enjoy it in the traditional cotton candy cone or use it as a garnish on a cocktail or mocktail glass. Cotton candy can also be found as a refreshing Sno-Kone® flavor, sure to be a hit with the kids.

closeup of the inside of a lemon representing sour foods


Tart and sour are expected to emerge strongly, so look for lip-puckering tastes coming to all types of foods from drinks to even popcorn. The philosophy behind the sour trend is that consumers are seeking a sensory reaction.

Sour Attitude is an additive that comes in both a liquid and dry mix form. It allows you to give your standard menu of flavors like cherry or blue raspberry a sour twist! The liquid is used for Sno-Kones®, shave ice, and Frusheez®. The dry mix can be used to mix in with any Corn Treat flavor or sprinkled onto a finished cotton candy cone.

white bowl of blue blueberry popcorn sitting on a gray table


Covering a wide range of tastes, fruity flavors are another trend worth focusing on, particularly in the summer season. Food Business News states the respected Firmenich Flavors in Geneva, Switzerland has named classic blueberry as the flavor of the year. It is seen as fresh and timeless. Gold Medal offers Blueberry Corn Treat Candy Glaze and Blueberry Hawaii’s Finest Flavor Concentrate.

Other fruit infusions are also well-received for both appearance and taste. Gourmet popcorn is a canvas for fruit flavors. There are multiple ways you can flavor your popcorn including shake-on flavors like Lemon Pound Cake and Candy Glazes such as Strawberry. If you’re trying flavored popcorn for the first time, use Glaze Pop®. So user-friendly, you just add the mix to your kettle with your corn and oil for irresistible flavors including Cherry Pink and Blue Raspberry.

rainbow-color popcorn drizzled in white chocolate and topped with sprinkles displayed in glass bowl and cupcake holders on bright pink surface

Bright Colors

Vibrant, bright colors are eye-catching and stimulate the senses. So, it is no surprise that this continues to be a much-loved trend in food. Food Business News reports that color brings a surprising sensory reaction to taste and cites the Unicorn Frappuccino as an example. In other words, a pop of color can evoke an even more flavorful experience.

Bright rainbow colors are a great fit for the fun factor of concession foods. Let your creativity flow and imagine a swirled fudge topped with sprinkles and marshmallow cereal. Or pair cotton candy with ice cream and sprinkles to create a cotton candy burrito. You can find an entire collection of rainbow-inspired recipes here.

Candy apples can also be made in a wide spectrum of colors by using Basic Appl-EZ. This basic mix can be combined with any of the flavors or color-only Corn Treats to make some of the most vivid apples you’ve ever seen or tasted!

closeup of sriracha popcorn with red spicy peppers in background


Customers are exploring different flavors and spicy foods are consistently performing well. Sriracha took the world by storm and set the standard high for any forthcoming flavors. With a mix of tangy sweetness and a kick of garlic, it packed just the right combination of flavors to make it famous.

As worldwide demand for Japanese cuisine rises, look for an increase in wasabi products. Wasabi has been called a Japanese horseradish. Available as a popcorn Shake-On flavor, Wasabi is a must-try flavor for spice lovers.

Turn up the heat with a zesty kick called Ghost Pepper! Easy to use, this Flavacol product can be added directly into the kettle. No additional equipment is needed. Put your taste buds to the test with this exciting flavor.


Follow the trends that will work best for your business and you’ll enjoy a successful summer season! For more summer inspiration for your menu, look to our blog post, 6 Easy Summer Drink Recipes Your Customers Will Love.