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In addition to providing concession equipment and supplies, Gold Medal is committed to sharing expert food ideas that will keep you feeling creative. Fresh twists on old favorites, new food trends, and other menu suggestions offer inspiration for you to build on to surprise and delight your customers. Use these concepts to spark ideas of your own and add new energy to your concession business.


New Year, New Way to Use Signature Blends™ and Signature Shakes™!

Flavor Up Your Favorite Foods with Signature Blendsand   Signature Shakes

A new year is here and that means it is time to seek out new opportunities! One way you can do that is by using Signature Blends or Shakes in new ways! What was created to add flavor and color to popcorn has turned into so much more. Signature Blends & Shakes have become a versatile product that can be used in several products such as waffles, funnel cakes, fudge, candy apples, Frusheez® and more!


Signature Series Birthday Cake Waffle

Waffles and Funnel Cakes

The first new way you can use Signature Blends or Shakes is by adding them to waffles. Adding Signature Blends or Shakes to waffles makes the most indulgent and delightful sweet treats and delicious savory creations. For example, the Signature Blends flavor birthday cake adds both fun and sweetness to waffles. It creates a colorful, flavorful treat that consumers would love to eat on birthdays or any day! Check out the recipe to learn how easy this dish is to make.

Birthday cake isn’t the only Signature Blends or Shakes flavor you can add to waffles. In fact, you can add any Signature Blends or Shakes flavor you desire. Simply combine Old Fashioned Waffle Mix and the Signature Blends or Shakes flavor you wish. The process is not only simple but only requires three ingredients: Old Fashioned Waffle Mix, water, and the Signature Blends or Shakes flavor of your choice! Click here to try the recipe yourself!

Signature Blends can also be used to change the color as well! With the help of Signature Blends, you can create colorful waffle cones your customers will love! For example, to create green waffle cones use Green Apple Signature Blends, and for orange waffle cones use Orange Signature Blends! These are just two of the colors your waffle products can be using Signature Blends.

Just like waffles, Signature Blends can change the color of funnel cakes. Check out this recipe to see how multi-colored funnel cakes are made using Signature Blends colors.

Experiment and delight your customers by adding color to your waffle and funnel cake products on holidays and other occasions! The colors will catch their eyes and make them eager to try the delicious product.

Corn Treat Cinnamon Roll Fudge


Did you know you can also incorporate Signature Blends and Shakes into your fudge recipes? Using Signature Blends or Shakes in fudge helps give your dessert the desired taste and even color you want. Just imagine trying recipes such as cinnamon roll fudge, birthday cake fudge, and candy corn fudge. Each of these recipes uses Signature Blends or Shakes flavors in unique ways. In order to get the cinnamon roll flavor, you use a combination of Cinnamon Crunch Corn Treat and churro seasoning. This combination flavor really makes the fudge taste like delicious breakfast food. In the birthday cake fudge recipe, two Signature Blends products are used: Birthday Cake and Yellow. The Birthday Cake Signature Blend provides the fudge the celebratory flavor and the Yellow Signature Blend creates the color. Signature Blends flavors create the colors in candy corn fudge as well. Both Yellow and Red Signature Blends Color are used to make the unique color that is candy corn fudge. Using Color Only-No Flavor Signature Blend mixes produce eye-catching colors that will appeal to your customers’ senses.

Corn Treat Colorful Candy Applies

Candy Apples

Candy apples are another great product that can be used with Signature Blends. Signature Blends can help create a unique coating your customers will love! Using color-only Signature Blends applications can make your candy apples bright colors! Choose Yellow #5 or Red #40 to make stand-out candy apples. Soon Gold Medal will be releasing a white color-only Signature Blend application that can be used to make your candy apples opaque. Therefore, you will have the ability to choose whatever color apple you want and not have to worry about seeing the color of its skin under the candy apple’s coating.

The Signature Series can not only alter the color of your candy apples but the flavor as well! You have the ability to choose from over 53 sweet or savory flavors or color-only applications to create mouthwatering candy apples!

Corn Treat Frusheez Slush Drink


Finally, it’s exciting to know you can use Signature Blends to add flavor to your Frusheez® drinks. It’s a refreshing way to bring new flavors to your lineup of slush drinks. Follow this easy recipe to create the Frusheez® flavored drink you want!


  • Polar Pete Neutral Slush Base
  • 1/3 cup Signature Blends of your choice (more if desired)
  • Sour Attitude (liquid or dry) (optional)


  • Prepare 1 gallon of Polar Pete according to label instructions
  • Add 1/3 cup of Signature Blends to prepared slush base
  • If using a fruit-flavored Signature Blend consider adding 1-2 oz of Sour Attitude
  • Mix to dissolve
  • Add to Frusheez® machine and freeze




Change things up in your business and start being more versatile with Signature Blends and Shakes today! Our concession pros are ready to help you have an unforgettable year. Just call us at 800-543-0862 or send an email to [email protected].