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7 Simple Fall Drinks to Add to Your Concession Stand Menu

Embrace the Season with These Fall Drink Recipes

Fall is the time for pumpkins, sweaters, and warm drinks! It’s easy to add cocoa, coffee, and cider drinks to your concessions menu. If you make snow cones, popcorn, and fudge, you probably already have most of the ingredients you’ll need to concoct tasty treats for your customers.

The main idea behind these beverages is to create a syrup you can then use to flavor the main ingredient, whether coffee, hot chocolate, or cider. If your drinks become popular, you may want to consider purchasing bottles with pumps for storage and easy access when serving.

It’s always more profitable if you can use concession supplies for multiple purposes, and these fall drink recipes let you do just that! Check out these recipes and decide which will be the simplest to add to your lineup this fall.

Hot Chocolate Recipes

Birthday Cake Hot Chocolate

Add some festivity to any day with a Birthday Cake Hot Chocolate. Made with Birthday Cake Flossugar #3723 and Hawaii’s Finest Vanilla Flavor Concentrate #1370, it’s a chocolatey treat customers will want even if they have a summer birthday!

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Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

The secret ingredient in this decadent hot chocolate recipe is Sweet Selections® flavoring #1384 originally made for making fudge. But it’s just as tasty in liquid form and is a perfect complement to rich hot chocolate.

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Chili Hot Chocolate

Sweet and spicy, your more adventurous customers will crave this unique fall drink! We used popcorn supplies to create the syrup for this drink: combining Churro Seasoning #2480 for the cinnamon component along with a small amount of Ghost Pepper Flavacol® #2482 results in a taste with a kick for cold days.

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Coffee Recipes

Coconut Mocha

Take the tropical taste of Coconut Sno-Treat Sno-Kone® Flavor #1430 and turn it into something warm and toasty for customers to dream of the beach on chilly fall days. Mixing the coconut flavor with hot fudge to create a rich syrup transforms regular coffee into an extraordinary experience.

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Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Pumpkin spice is everything nice about fall flavors! From fudge to donuts to drinks – your guests will expect this flavor from your seasonal menu. It’s easy to adapt your fudge ingredients to create a drink for customers who need their caffeine. Use Sweet Selections® #1391 as the base for your syrup.

Bonus: with whipped cream and sprinkles, this drink is very photo-friendly for social media posts!

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Cider Recipes

Apple Pie Cider

We’ll see your apple cider and raise it to pie level! Churro popcorn seasoning #2480 adds a delectable sweet cinnamon side to this cider that makes it perfect for a brisk autumn evening at a festival, ballgame, or just out on the town.

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Salted Caramel Cider

The rich flavor of salted caramel comes together with the light, refreshing taste of apple cider in this satisfying beverage that will leave customers craving more. Using your Frusheez® mix and Sweet Selections® flavoring, it’s a breeze to make.

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