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In addition to providing concession equipment and supplies, Gold Medal is committed to sharing expert food ideas that will keep you feeling creative. Fresh twists on old favorites, new food trends, and other menu suggestions offer inspiration for you to build on to surprise and delight your customers. Use these concepts to spark ideas of your own and add new energy to your concession business.


Gourmet Cotton Candy Recipes to Spark Your Creativity

Gourmet Cotton Candy Recipes

Cotton candy has been a crowd favorite for years at carnivals, fairs, ballgames, and other events. Recently, though, it’s making waves at weddings, in bars and coffee shops, and in gourmet settings. Here’s some cotton candy inspiration for your business.


Unusual Cotton Candy Flavors

Going gourmet can be as easy as thinking outside traditional flavors. Using Gold Medal supplies, you can expand your lineup from pink vanilla and blue raspberry to some decadent tastes like chocolate strawberry, caramel apple, or even bacon! Follow the flavors of the seasons with springtime delight, summer citrus, fall spice, and winter frost.


Caramel Apple Cotton Candy


Cotton Candy Desserts

Cotton candy is the perfect addition to just about any dessert! From cookies to cakes and beyond, there’s not many sweet treats that aren’t made better with the addition of some fluffy sugar.


Sprinkle Bakes

Credit: Sprinkle Cakes /


Use it to top an already beautiful cake, like this one from Sprinkle Bakes:

Nectar and Stone Waffle

Credit: Nectar & Stone /

Make waffles even more delightful with gorgeous decorations, like these from @nectarandstone:

Sequins in the South Cotton Candy Smores

Credit: Sequins in the South / Laci Carlson /

Enjoy some beautiful pastel cotton candy s’mores like these treats from Sequins in the South:

DIY Candy Cotton Candy Dessert Shots

Credit: DIY Candy / Amy /

Whip up a creamy, portion-controlled dessert shot like this one from DIY Candy:

Gold Medal Cotton Candy Burrito

Follow Gold Medal’s recipe for a sweet cotton candy burrito:


Cotton Candy Beverages

Fancy coffees and cocktails are extremely popular, and today’s consumers are looking for an experience when it comes to their food and drink. Treat them to a show with some fun and tasty cotton candy drink recipes!


Tastemade Cotton Candy Mocha

Credit: Tastemade / Jerrelle Guy /

Make their mocha sweeter like Tastemade has done:

The Worktop's Cotton Candy Coffee

Credit: The Worktop / Tina /

Waking up is easier with cotton candy coffee from The Worktop:

The Cookie Rookie's Magic Cotton Candy Martini

Credit: The Cookie Rookie / Becky /

For the after 5 crowd, there’s the Cookie Rookie’s Magic Cotton Candy Martini:

Such the Spot Cotton Candy Margaritas

Credit: Such the Spot / Darcie /

Add a little pink vanilla to Taco Tuesday margaritas with this treat from Such the Spot:

The Kitchy Kitchen Cotton Candy Champagne

Credit: The Kitchy Kitchen / Claire /

Get high-brow with a cotton candy champagne cocktail from the Kitchy Kitchen:



What creative cotton candy recipes have you made? Visit us on Facebook and tell us your favorites!