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Are you ready to live a healthier life?

By Kathy Harris, guest blogger and member of the Human Resources team at Gold Medal Most of us give lip service to a healthier lifestyle. We spend our last dollars (sometimes many of them) on quick weight loss programs, gym

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Customer Loyalty

By Liz North, guest blogger and intern at Gold Medal When you think about your local community and the businesses that are associated with it, what do you think of? Anyone from the Cincinnati area would instantly say Skyline or

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Where did Funnel Cakes come from?

What’s more American than fried foods and fairs? With summer here — and outdoor carnivals popping up around the nation — we’re taking a look at the history of a mandatory carnival must-have: hot and crispy funnel cakes. Despite

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10 Facebook Tips for Small Businesses

Want to Facebook, but don’t know how to make it work for your small business? Glen Stansberry, Creativity Sparker, from Wise Bread has 10 tips to get you started. For the full text, go to 10 Superb Ways For A

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How to Lose a Customer

Recently, I attempted to purchase a dress from a maternity store. Before I could give them my money, they required my due date, e-mail, mailing address, phone number and wanted to know if I had other children. I laughed

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Will Facebook Fade?

There’s a rumor floating around that Facebook will go public in the first quarter of 2012. This has caused some to speculate whether it’s a wise move to invest, considering it could burn bright then fade fast like MySpace

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Rewards of Owning Your Own Business

Recessions are a time when many workers consider going into business for themselves. Some of the most successful businesses — Burger King, FedEx and Microsoft to name a few— were formed by individuals looking for the type of freedom provided

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Watch Out for These 10 Common Small Business Mistakes

Opening a new business is an exhilarating and possibly daunting process. While there are countless rewards, financial and personal independence being at the top, there are common pitfalls that threaten every business owner. Below are 10 mistakes new business

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