Poppa Corn

Poppa Corn

There’s something to be said for a resilient and relentless commitment to service. With a 50-plus year history, Poppa Corn has a proven history of success as Canada’s top concession company. Based in Ontario, Canada with branches in Ottawa and Toronto, they are proud to serve some of the largest venues in Canada.

“Service is one of the most important factors to last in this business,” states owner, Anwar Al-Ali. Poppa Corn practices superior service by consistently doing what it takes to meet customers’ needs. Customer relationships are a priority. They enjoy visiting their customers and seeing people consuming their concession products. Anwar emphasizes, “At the venues, there’s an energy that is very special and satisfying.”

As Gold Medal’s first Canadian distributor, Poppa Corn has a long and loyal history with Gold Medal. They’ve earned the status of being Gold Medal’s only Canadian Medallion Dealer, a distinction that reflects years of consistent high levels of service. Some of their top-selling products are Glaze Pop, candy floss, and Flavacol. 

Goal setting is a key part of Poppa Corn’s business philosophy and Anwar stresses that success is the only option. Recently, they moved to a larger 50,000 square-foot facility to facilitate continued growth. Anwar is proud of the team they’ve created. They know results will come with the time and effort they dedicate. Poppa Corn looks forward to serving their customers into the future. 



Poppa Corn

5135 Creekbank Road
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

905-212-9855 or 800-268-5706


Store Hours:
Mon-Fri: 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.