Beach Cities Wholesalers

Beach Cities Wholesalers

Whether it’s answering calls late on a Sunday night or figuring out how to ship ice cream 2,800 miles away, at southern California’s Beach Cities Wholesalers, the customer is top priority. The people and their businesses are what inspire owners Allen and Sonie May to open their doors every day.

“Our number one philosophy is to take care of each other and our customers, the sales and profits will follow,” shared Sonie.

Allen and Sonie entered the concession business when they took ownership of Beach Cities Wholesalers in 2017. In that time, they’ve enjoyed learning the business, meeting new people, and watching as their customers’ businesses grow. They attribute their success to listening to customers and being open to new ideas.

“One of our favorite parts is when a customer calls after a busy weekend and says they ran out of a product we recommended. We love the partnerships we have. It reassures us that we are in business for the right reasons,” they shared.

At Beach Cities Wholesalers, continual improvement is a way of life. They’ve invested in their marketing and website to make it easier to do business. Their focus is always on improving the customer experience through personable service and quality products.

Looking toward the future, Beach Cities Wholesalers seeks to come back even stronger than before the pandemic hit. They will continue to listen to customers’ needs and learn from them. The company is committed to adapting to the changing market and being ready for whatever comes their way.


Beach Cities Wholesalers

2021 W. 17th Street
Long Beach, CA 90813



Store Hours:
Mon-Fri: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.