Beach Cities Wholesalers

Beach Cities Wholesalers

Allen May and his wife Sonie found their niche when they entered the concession business in December 2017. With well-developed careers in the automotive and banking industries, they sought out an entrepreneurial venture where they could apply their skills and knowledge in a new market. The opportunity to take on ownership of Beach Cities Wholesalers was exactly what they were looking for.

Allen explains what captured his interest, “What seemed exciting about being a concessions wholesaler is that you have the ability to build business locally and via the internet.”

Founded in 2011, Beach Cities Wholesalers is a well-established name in Southern California for meeting the concession needs of sporting arenas, amusement parks, large concert venues, and movie theaters. Capable of serving a large territory, they are equipped with three trucks, offering weekly deliveries and reliability to their clients. The company not only sells quality concessions equipment and supplies, it also has a well-trained staff of technicians that services equipment in the field and in-house. What makes Beach Cities unique is that the team knows the industry incredibly well and concentrates their efforts on providing the best customer service.

In addition, Allen is grateful for the backing Gold Medal provides to distributors, “It is great support and quality products that allow our business to succeed. Most of all we are grateful for our employees, Javier, Alex, Cliff, William & Kenny who are focused on providing excellent customer service and meeting our goals.”

As new owners, the couple looks forward to experiencing a busy year ahead and learning a lot. Their philosophy is to take the opportunity to listen to their customers and employees. That’s where business growth begins.

“My favorite aspect of the business is that people genuinely enjoy themselves,” states Allen. “You’re not only making a living; you’re enjoying what you do.”

Beach Cities Wholesalers

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