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Sweetness on Demand: Advanced Technology for Making Cotton Candy

A hand holds cotton candy in front of clouds on a sunset backdrop

Discover the Next Generation of Cotton Candy Machines

In the realm of concession foods, cotton candy has always been a crowd-pleaser with its nostalgic allure and fluffy, sugary goodness. Yet, the process of making cotton candy has not changed much over the years. It is a delicate balance of melting sugar (without burning it) and turning wisps of sweet floss into sugary clouds of indulgence. That fundamental process has now been improved upon with groundbreaking technology in the introduction of the QuickSpin™.

Today, more operators want the ability to switch between flavors easily and customize the product for their customers. However, most commercial cotton candy machines are made for producing high quantities of one flavor at a time. The QuickSpin is a commercial-grade machine that is tailored to effortlessly switch flavors and create single servings that cater to the individual tastes of customers.

Gold Medals QuickSpin™ collage of product and logo.

The Cutting-Edge Technology that Sets QuickSpin Apart

The QuickSpin is unique in that its performance is based on four key features:

  1. QuickStart Technology: This key quality means that the QuickSpin is equipped with a Standby mode. The machine is kept warm for up to an hour and can heat up to make floss 50% faster than machines without QuickStart. This means less down time so you can keep lines moving.
  2. QuickCool Technology: When in between customers, the cap and head auto-cool to the Standby temperature. The QuickCool feature protects the life of the cotton candy machine by preventing sugar burning and carbon build up.
  3. Constant Power: Combat inconsistent power with a control that resists voltage drops and provides optimum power level. With a steady and reliable temperature, it prevents fluctuations that can burn sugar. The right amount of heat also maximizes the volume of the cotton candy. This produces a consistent, fluffy cotton candy, so you can be confident in the quality of your product.
  4. Durable and Maintainable: The patent-pending head design allows for easy disassembly and cleaning. This makes it a reliable choice for operators.

These features work together to ensure peak performance spin after spin. Designed for durability and long-lasting operation, this is a cotton candy machine that operators can depend on.

Two friends take a selfie while holding cotton candy.

Enhance Your Customer Experience with the QuickSpin

What could be better than classic cotton candy? Customized cotton candy! Personalize it with made-to-order flavors. The QuickSpin lets you do just that. The custom scoop is just the right size to measure out sugar to make one cotton candy cone. So, it is simple to switch between flavors. Plus, for cotton candy artists, the floss flows upwards. It is possible to make cotton candy creations in various shapes, sizes, and a rainbow of colors. The possibilities are limitless!

(Did you know there are over 25 different cotton candy flavors of Flossugar and 19 different flavors of Flossine?)  

Man selling cotton candy in stadium in pre-packaged bags.

Top Locations for the QuickSpin

The flexibility of the QuickSpin makes it ideal for many different settings:

  • High-Traffic Venues: Amusement parks and stadiums need a cotton candy machine that can keep up with demand and withstand heavy use. Plus, the ability to change flavors caters to a wide audience.
  • Retail Environments: Add an entertainment value by serving up cotton candy at candy stores and ice cream shops. They will also benefit from having a machine that auto cools when they are busy serving other products.
  • Party Rentals: The QuickSpin is easy-to-use, making it a great fit for companies that rent concession equipment. It is also compact and simple to transport. The built-in features help ensure that the machine will have longevity even after several uses.
  • Catered Events: Give events a wow factor! Whether a wedding or a corporate event, the QuickSpin makes it fun and engaging.

Of course, the QuickSpin is also a fit for any location that wants to serve up the best sweet treats. Think movie theaters, bowling centers, fundraisers, schools, and more!

A hand holds up cotton candy in the woods on a bright sunny day.

How to Make Cotton Candy in the QuickSpin

Equipped with straightforward controls, the QuickSpin is a user-friendly machine to operate.

  1. First, turn the main power switch to the on position. The indicator light will be green.
  2. Then set the heat mode switch to Make Floss. QuickStart will begin with the LED blinking green. The LED will turn solid green when the unit is ready to make floss.
  3. Use the custom scoop (included with machine) and fill with flossugar. Pour it into the head. Floss will begin floating upwards to be gathered.
  4. Twist the cotton candy cone in the flowing floss. Floss will gather around the cone.
  5. To make another batch, just add more flossugar.

(For even more convenience, try Gold Medal’s 8-oz Flossugar packets.)

If there is a break in the action, just flip the heat switch to standby. This activates the QuickCool mode. It runs for about two minutes and will automatically cool the head.

To keep clean, simply spray the head with 5-6 squirts of water approximately every 20 batches. At the end of the day, be sure to let the sugar spin out. Then set to standby. After QuickCool, the head will stop spinning, then you can turn off the power switch and allow the machine to cool down. That will enable you to loosen the cap to clean more thoroughly. Please reference the manual, which goes into detail about the full shutdown and cleaning process.

Cotton candy’s next evolution is here. Offering unparalleled technology, efficiency, and the ability to personalize each serving, the QuickSpin raises the standard for making cotton candy. For sweetness on demand, there is no single serve cotton candy machine better than the QuickSpin!

To learn more, schedule a demo, or preorder your QuickSpin, please contact us today!