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Concession Stand Checklist for the Spring Season

Person cleans the inside of their Gold Medal Popcorn Machine with cleaner

Gearing Up Your Concession Stand for Spring

With winter coming to a close, the spring concession season will be here before we know it. The onset of the new season brings its own set of demands — prepping concession stand equipment, stocking supplies, hiring staff, and more. To ease the transition into this upcoming concession season, explore the following tips for successful spring preparation.


Prepare Concession Equipment

  • Initiate the preparation process by examining last year’s numbers. Ensure you have the correct equipment with regard to size and capacity. For example, how has your business changed or does your equipment need updating? Gold Medal’s concession specialists can help you determine the right equipment to fit your needs.
  • Once you possess the adequate equipment, thoroughly clean all the machines and supplies. (How Do You Clean a Popcorn Machine? Find out here.)
  • Test all equipment in advance—ideally before your first spring event. Testing equipment a few weeks in advance can give you a crucial advantage. You’ll more easily be able to identify any potential problems or issues and, consequently, make proper fixes. This will help guarantee the concession stand can run smoothly.
  • Make a sample batch of the foods that require cooking, to ensure the quality meets expectations.
  • Plan ahead and have extra parts for your equipment on-hand if a quick repair becomes necessary.

concession supplies consisting of candee fluff cotton candy bags, meister bake soft pretzels and vanilla pretzel dip

Stock Concession Supplies

  • In addition to equipment, stocking concession supplies also plays a crucial role in prepping for the spring season. Assess inventory of remaining supplies from the previous season, and be sure to check the expiration dates on any perishable foods.
  • Determine upcoming events you’re responsible for and plan to order enough supplies to meet expected demand.
  • Consider new items that might make a good addition to your menu. Promote new products or old favorites with signs and advertisements in order to draw customers to the concession stand and entice them to purchase your products.
  • Although food and drink supplies are the focus, don’t forget to think about materials such as plates, bowls, cups, napkins, silverware, and more.


illustration of man with beard and mustache giving the thumbs up sign with a popcorn stand and popper in the background

Hire and Train Employees

  • Use job sites and social media to attract new employees for your concession stand. Display your contact information or the application link in an easy-to-find location, so those interested in the job can quickly take the next steps. (Get more insights into concession staffing).
  • Reach out to former employees and ask for their help again this season. Convey the positive qualities they bring to the job and explain that they’d be a valuable asset in the coming season.
  • Be transparent about the time commitment you will require from staff, as well as the responsibilities that come with the job. Build trust through honesty and establish your expectations early.
  • Finally, work with your suppliers to conduct training that sets employees up for success. If employees are equipped with a clear understanding of expectations and skills needed for the job, you are on track for an effective and enjoyable concession season.

Analyze Your Concession Menu

  • When peparing for the upcoming season, it's important to analyze your concession menu. What were the best-selling items last season? Are there less popular products that you should remove from the menu? Are there new items you want to offer? How can you make your menu more enticing?
  • Be sure to include a mix of concession favorites like nachos and hot dogs, along with more unique menu items like gourmet popcorn and fudge puppies.
  • Concerned your menu isn't as profitable as it could be? Here are 5 Things to Try if Your Venue’s Menu is Underperforming.

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