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Water Park Concession Food Ideas to Increase Sales

Water Park Concession Menu Ideas

While the priority for water park guests is to splash to their hearts’ content, at some point during their visit, they’ll need to eat and drink! Make sure you’re doing your best to encourage concession stand sales with fun water park food ideas. Try these tips to generate more sales at your swimming pool or water park:

beach frozen drink on table

Focus on Tropical and Fruity Flavors

Water park visitors will appreciate references to tropical destinations as they take a break from swimming and splashing to visit the concession stand. Piña colada and strawberry daiquiri flavors are great for frozen drinks and treats, but also consider stretching the tropical concept to food. You can easily make piña colada popcorn and cotton candy using Gold Medal supplies. Add other fruity flavors to your rotation like strawberry and watermelon for variety. These tropical food and drink ideas can help attract customers to your concession stand and keep them coming back for more.

sign in front covered by green plants

Add Visual Appeal with Photos and Fun Names

You can attract more customers by decorating your concession stand with eye-catching photos, posters, and signs that display your delicious and refreshing food and drinks. Add to the fun by naming your water park menu items after popular park attractions. Think Splash Zone Slush and Corkscrew Corn. Getting creative not only with concession food ideas but also with names and decorations can help draw more customers to your stand.

girl on beach enjoys frozen drink

Use Supplies Strategically

Items such as souvenir cups can be a big draw for water park customers. Not only are they more durable, but they provide more value. Sell drinks in souvenir cups for a higher price and offer free or discounted refills to keep people coming back for more. Use other items like colorful straws and fun umbrellas to decorate drinks and encourage more purchases. These fun supplies can enhance your food and drink offerings and prompt more customers to visit your concession stand.

group at table at waterpark smiling

Make Purchasing Easier

Carrying cash, wallets, and purses around a water park is a recipe for disaster. Allow guests to purchase all-day wristbands so they can stow their valuables safely in a locker and still get access to concessions all day.

These food ideas and marketing tips will help increase your sales and make visitors’ trip to the water park more enjoyable. You can also experiment with the presentation of your food – for example, try layered slush drinks using flavors that complement each other. Be creative and have fun with your concession stand menu, and customers will too.