Starting a Concession Business

New ventures can be intimidating, but not when you have the team of experts at Gold Medal on your side. When starting a concession stand business, one of your first tasks should be to explore our site and call us for a consultation. We offer in-person taste sampling and training on how to use equipment such as industrial popcorn machines; we even share suggestions for designing your food service area. You’re not alone when you choose Gold Medal as your concession equipment supplier! Get information on starting a concession business here and call us to get started.


Enhance Your Foodservice Offer with Self-Serve Popcorn

Gold Medal self-serve popcorn machine with a dispenser chute and blue pushbutton showcased on blue background

Use Popcorn Dispensers to Increase In-Store Sales

Foodservice is a huge traffic driver for c-stores, and customers are always on the lookout for innovative food offerings. Fresh, customizable popcorn not only adds to the in-store sensory experience for customers because they can see, hear, smell and taste the product, but it’s also a huge gross margin contributor. Gold Medal Products Co., a food equipment provider that offers contactless commercial popcorn machines, reports retailers can see up to 70% to 90% gross margins on fresh popcorn.

The Future of Fresh Popcorn

According to Gold Medal, its self-serve, contactless popcorn machines are an ideal setup for convenience stores. First, these types of machines reduce lines because customers have the convenience of a grab-and-go snack. A self-serve popcorn machine also cuts down on labor. Customers serve themselves, and they can even customize their popcorn with Gold Medal’s shake-on seasonings. The machines also take up a small footprint in c-stores, where space can be a precious commodity.

Gold Medal’s ReadyPop Commercial Popcorn Popper line is designed with retailers in mind. Available in an 8-ounce or 16-ounce kettle, ReadyPop Poppers combine the power of a popcorn machine with the convenience of a self-serve dispenser in one compact unit. Customers can fill their cups or bags of popcorn with the push of a button, making for a more convenient and sanitary experience.

Gold Medal President Adam Browning asks, “How can you take popcorn machines to the next level? At Gold Medal, we’re always innovating, meeting the customer where they’re at, and offering our clients the latest products to boost profitability.”

Where to Find Self-Serve Popcorn Dispensers

One of the venues using the self-serve technology is gourmet popcorn shop Nuts on Clark, which has Gold Medal’s popcorn dispensing machines in both Chicago airports. The Nuts on Clark machines were recently featured in a TikTok video by a snacking influencer that garnered nearly 300,000 views. Robert Kenney, director of sales for Nuts on Clark, shared his perspective stating, “This would be perfect in any c-store location! The machines do not take up a lot of space, are easy to operate and consumer friendly.” Self-serve popcorn machines can also be found in grocery stores, amusement parks, stadiums/arenas, and across many other venues.

Learn more about Gold Medal Products Co. by downloading the company’s e-book for convenience stores, The Snack Factor.

This article was originally published in NACS Daily.