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The best contactless serving solutions for popcorn are here! Commercial popcorn dispensers, like ReadyServe®, ReadyPop®, and ReadyPop Jr. can transform the way you serve popcorn. Read more below, then take the next step and connect with one of our concession specialists.





Why Choose A Contactless, Self-Serve Popcorn Machine?

If you sell popcorn, consider why a contactless model may be the best.



Reduce Lines

Cut down on long lines. Long lines deter customers meaning you lose potential sales. But a contactless popcorn dispenser gives guests the convenience of a grab-and-go snack.


Save On Labor

Save on labor. Minimize labor by allowing customers to serve themselves. Your staff will be able to attend to other responsibilities.


Customer Satisfaction & Safety

Increase customer satisfaction. Customers will appreciate the ability to purchase freshly popped popcorn while maintaining peace of mind with contactless service.


The Experience

Give guests an experience they can’t find at competitors. A popcorn dispenser is a novelty that guests will enjoy.


Receive Benefits

Receive benefits that managers will appreciate. Popcorn brings many advantages, including low costs, minimal labor, and attractive profit margins.


ReadyServe® Commercial Popcorn Dispenser

ReadyServe® is an impressive popcorn display cabinet that offers key benefits to operators. Created for high-volume venues, the unit features a 48-inch base with a dual auger system, allowing two customers to fill their cups or bags at once. Simply fill the cabinet with popcorn, then individuals can dispense the popcorn using a convenient push-button system. It also includes an integrated butter topping dispenser and eye-catching LED backlit sign.

Top venues for the ReadyServe® Commercial Popcorn Dispenser:

Movie Theaters / Cinemas

Stadiums & Arenas

Other High-Volume Venues

Gold Medal's ReadyServe Neon Detail
Gold Medal's ReadyServe Dispenser Detail
Gold Medal's ReadyServe Kernel Tray

ReadyPop® Commercial Popcorn Popper

A 16 oz. commercial popcorn machine plus self-serve station in one! ReadyPop® is the simplest way to offer popcorn. Pop the popcorn right in the unit, then hold it in the cabinet until it is dispensed. Pop multiple batches early in the day, then customers can conveniently fill cups and bags. The compact footprint allows ReadyPop® to fit into any available space.

Top venues for the ReadyPop® Commercial Popcorn Popper:

Convenience Stores

Hardware Stores

Grocery Stores

Other Retail & Foodservice Locations


Ready. Set. ReadyPop.®

The Simplest Way to Offer Popcorn — in Action!


ReadyPop® Jr. Commercial Popcorn Popper

Designed with smaller venues in mind, ReadyPop Jr. makes popcorn dispensing available nearly anywhere. Small, yet mighty, ReadyPop Jr. combines the power of an 8-oz popper and the convenience of a self-serve dispenser in one compact unit. Save on labor by popping multiple batches, then holding the popcorn in the warmed cabinet until it is dispensed. Then customers can fill cups or bags with just the push of a button. Push-button dispensing is more convenient and sanitary than other options. Locations will benefit by offering a grab-and-go snack plus a fresh in-store experience that engages the senses. Also available in a No Kettle Model, which allows you to insert your own compatible 8-oz kettle into the unit.

Top venues for the ReadyPop® Jr. Commercial Popcorn Popper:

Convenience Stores

Restaurants / Bars / Taverns

Auto Dealerships

Other Retail & Foodservice Locations


Meet ReadyPop® Jr

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