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Why Should You Sell Popcorn?

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Top Reasons for Selling Popcorn


It may start with just a small kernel, but the possibilities with popcorn are paramount! Yes, this longtime favorite snack is not only a tasty treat but also a smart business choice. Whether for retail, school, nonprofit, or other function, popcorn is worthwhile for many of the reasons we’ll explore here.




With minimal costs, popcorn delivers attractive profit margins. While the average food and beverage profit margin is between 20-30%, margins for fresh popcorn can easily be as high as 80%. In fact, some locations are willing to give popcorn away as a courtesy because it is so affordable.




Popcorn is a popular snack that has captured the hearts and taste buds of people around the world. It ranks among the top-selling snacks. Enjoyed by people of all ages, it is known as an irresistible treat at the movies, a carnival, or simply snacking at home.



Easy Prep

There’s nothing like the sound and aroma of fresh popcorn popping! What you may not realize is that making popcorn is incredibly easy (and fun). Just add kernels, oil, and salt to the kettle and you’ll be popping up fluffy, hot popcorn in no time.



Engages the Senses

Engaging the senses engages customers. You can hear popcorn popping, smell the buttery aroma, see the popcorn overflowing the popper, and taste the deliciousness. It’s a full sensory experience!




Popcorn can fit well into nearly any setting. Movie theater popcorn is a staple we all know and love. From bars to stadiums, schools, amusement parks, and retail shops, you’ll find popcorn is satisfying customers across all kinds of venues.




As an ideal canvas for flavor, popcorn can be customized with a variety of flavorings and toppings. Most popular are caramel corn and cheese corn. But you can also make sweet candy-glazed flavors like cherry, vanilla, or red cinnamon. Or try savory flavors like bacon & cheese, ranch, and hot jalapeño.



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Starting a Popcorn Business

Create the best-tasting popcorn! Start with our full line of poppers from small-sized units up to high-volume capacity production systems. (Plus, check out the complete fresh popcorn vending system, the Ready Series.) Our warmers and accessories will ensure your popcorn will look as good as it tastes. And you’ll find the finest ingredients in our selection of oils, seasonings, and popcorn supplies.



Whether small and mighty or large and in charge, Gold Medal has a popper that’s just right for you. Explore your options from the compact 4-oz up to the 52-oz powerhouse and everything in between. (View our selection of popcorn machines.)


Warmers & Accessories

Attract customers and the profits by showcasing your popcorn in eye-catching displays! Browse our selection of popcorn carts and wagons, staging cabinets, popcorn topping dispensers, and more.



The most irresistible popcorn flavor comes from Gold Medal. Get started with convenient corn, oil, and salt kits or order in bulk for larger operations. And trust our popcorn bags, boxes, or containers for picture perfect presentation. (Shop Popcorn Supplies now.)



The Ready Series is the state-of-the-art popcorn vending system. Bring fresh popcorn to your customers with these unique self-serve machines. Available in four different models to suit any venue’s needs.

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Proven Profitability of Popcorn

With low food costs (under a dollar per serving), popcorn offers appealing profit margins as high as 80%! There is flexibility in pricing, so you can calculate the best selling price for your unique products and market. (Read more tips on pricing your popcorn here.) We think you'll agree whether it's at a movie theater, sporting event, or a school fundraiser, popcorn delivers favorable results time and time again. 

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