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How To Clean Your Popper And Kettle


Video Transcript

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0:06 To keep your popper working at a peak performance, you will want to follow the daily kettle and cabinet cleaning instructions found in your manual.

0:13 Here we will show you an overview of the daily cleaning process.

0:18 First, turn all switches off and unplug the machine.

0:22 When cool, wipe the outside of the kettle clean using a soft cloth and Gold Medal’s Watchdog Stainless Cleaner.

0:29 Do not use oven cleaners or abrasive materials as they will damage the kettle.

0:35 Next, mix two tablespoons of Gold Medal’s Heat n Kleen and one gallon of water. Take the Heat n Kleen pre-mixed solution and only pour enough of it into the kettle to fill it one-half inch deep.

0:49 Plug in the unit and turn the kettle heat on. When the solution starts to boil, turn the kettle heat off.

0:54 Allow the kettle to cool at least one hour, then dump the solution into a bucket. Do not spill any in the interior of the machine.

1:04 Next, rinse the kettle interior with clean water and a clean cloth. Dump any water remaining into a bucket and wipe the kettle interior clean with a clean, dry cloth.

1:16 After cleaning the kettle, check to make sure the crossbar fasteners on the kettle are securely tightened.

1:22 To clean the cabinet, you will want to double check that the unit is turned off, unplugged, and is completely cool before you start cleaning.

1:30 Next, remove the old maid pan and any corn pans or accessories if required. Take them to the sink and clean with soap and water, rinse and dry.

1:39 As needed, you can use a vacuum to remove any debris.

1:49 Clean area above the corn pans using a clean, slightly damp cloth to remove any grease from glass and cabinet. Cloth may be slightly dampened with soap and water, then wipe again with clean water to remove any remaining cleaner.

2:03 Clean glass panels with glass cleaner. Gold Medal Watch Dog Glass Cleaner is recommended. Ammonia cleaners will damage plastic doors and panels. Use only a non-ammonia cleaner.

2:14 Reinstall the clean and dry pans and accessories.

2:29 Check the kettle lead cord. Make sure it is fully plugged into the kettle receptacle and the plug is fully twisted to lock into place.

2:37 You now have completed your daily cleaning of your machine. And remember you can always count on Gold Medal to deliver Snacks, Smiles, and Success!