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The Best Commercial Cotton Candy Machines by Venue

Buyer’s Guide for Purchasing a Cotton Candy Machine

From stadiums to party rental stores, grocery stores or schools, many different venues use commercial cotton candy machines. And each have very different needs. One size doesn’t fit all. Finding the right equipment means determining which machine has the best features for your location.

Understanding the Needs of Small and Large Venues

In initial appearances, cotton candy machines look quite similar, however they are designed with distinct purposes in mind. Venues have multiple priorities to consider.

Small to Medium Venues

Smaller-sized venues typically focus on these three areas:

  1. Portability – convenient size and mobility
  2. Easy-to-Clean – no tools required
  3. Simple Operation – straightforward instructions

Large Venues

Large venues are focused on volume, dependability, and efficiency:

  1. Robustly Manufactured – heavy duty motor, durable construction
  2. High Production Capacity – able to produce high volumes of floss in short amount of time
  3. Advanced Controls – gives operator the capability to adjust voltage, temperature, etc.

Read this helpful checklist for a more in-depth look at the questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a cotton candy machine.

Ribbon or Tubular? Which is Better?

Cotton candy machines can be manufactured with either a ribbon or tubular style heat element. But what does that mean to the operator?

To best illustrate the characteristics of each, read the list below.

Ribbon Style Heat Element

  • Heats immediately
  • Very responsive heat adjustments
  • Cools down very quickly
  • Can be damaged more easily
  • Great choice for owner/operator or experienced professional staff

Tubular Style Heat Element

  • Slightly longer heat up time
  • Slower to react to heat adjustments
  • Gradual cool down
  • Almost indestructible, easy to maintain
  • Excellent choice for rentals, multiple operators, volunteers, or first-timers


Cotton Candy Machine for Single-Serve Use

Whether small or large in venue, if you want to make single servings of cotton candy and have the ability to switch flavors easily, the QuickSpin® is the right machine for you. Designed for efficiency and flexibility, the unique QuickStart and QuickCool technologies work together to maximize performance. In addition, the floss streams from the center of the floss head, which makes it great for creating cotton candy art.

Top venues include:

  • Carnival and Fair Concessionaires
  • Stadiums and Arenas
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Party Rental Stores
  • Catered Events


Cotton Candy Machine for Smaller Volume Venues

In small or medium-sized venues, a standard machine is appropriate. One of our most popular and best-value models is the Auto Breeze® EZ Kleen Head (#3052-00-001). It comes with a long list of standard features, plus beneficial additions like UL Sanitation Listing, a snap-in-place floss head (no tools required), and molded rubber floaters that provide an improved, thicker grip area.

Top venues include:

  • Party Rental Stores
  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Grocery Stores
  • Family Fun Centers

Gold Medal manufactures a variety of cotton candy machines in this category. See our complete line of small / medium cotton candy machines.


Cotton Candy Machine for Larger Volume Venues

Maximize your cotton candy production with the Stainless Steel Deluxe Whirlwind®(#3008SS). This cotton candy maker can create up to 5-6 servings per minute with a 1/3 hp heavy duty motor. It features a voltage boost transformer and volt-meter to allow for power differentials. The stainless-steel cabinet will hold up to wear and tear.

This is one of the best commercial cotton candy machines for:

  • Amusement Parks
  • Stadiums
  • Colleges / Universities
  • Movie Theaters
  • Carnival and Fair Concession Stands


Interested in exploring more options? Please browse our complete listing for large venues.


If you’d like to make cotton candy one of your best-sellers, we invite you to read these helpful tips in our blog.