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Putting a “Spin” on Your Cotton Candy Sales

How to Make Cotton Candy a Best-Seller

There’s something magical about making cotton candy. This sugary treat is loved by kids of all ages. Not only is cotton candy popular in all types of venues, it is also profitable, boasting margins as high as 85%! Famous in its classic pink or blue, cotton candy also comes in a colorful variety of fun flavors.

To help you sell more cotton candy, we’ve put together some of our top tips.


Gold Medals QuickSpin™ collage of product and logo.

Single Servings

Customize the cotton candy experience for each customer! It is possible with the QuickSpin®. This high-performance cotton candy machine is made for single servings. You can easily swap out colors/flavors, so you can create cotton candy art! Shape into cotton candy flowers or other creative forms. You'll attract attention, boost sales, and increase customer satisfaction while boosting profits too.

jumbo clear bags with individual servings of lime green, light blue, and light pink cotton candy

Special Deals

Everyone loves to feel like they’re getting a good deal. Offering specials is one way to attract more customers. For example, pair popcorn and cotton candy together to make a Sweet & Salty Combo. Then sell at a special price. Also, another option is to create a jumbo-size cotton candy. This is a win-win because not only will you sell more, the large size will be a walking advertisement that will help drive additional customers to your stand.

pink cotton candy burrito with ice cream filling on a clear plastic plate and hot pink background with scattered rainbow sprinkles

Taste the Opportunity

Did you know cotton candy can be made in gourmet flavors? That’s right. And that’s why you can find cotton candy at more places than just the traditional locations. Try a cotton candy cocktail, with wisps of strawberry cotton candy decorating the glass. Ice cream parlors are creating cotton candy burritos with ice cream wrapped in your favorite cotton candy flavor. Just let your imagination go… banana, lime, chocolate, and more! Explore all of our cotton candy supplies here.   

a family of four in a concession area at an amusement park fair eating pink cotton candy from a clown cotton candy bag

On Display

Give yourself an advantage by making cotton candy in advance and then merchandising it. Use Floss Bags or Candee Fluff containers to keep it fresh and on display to catch customers’ eyes. No matter what your location, we have displays to meet your needs. (Browse our cotton candy accessories.)

young girl wearing a party hat holding pink cotton candy with gifts and a green lawn blurred in background

Give Parties More Flavor

Cotton candy is a big hit for birthday parties and special events. Offering different flavors is one way to add the fun factor. The 8-oz. Flossugar Pouches are an excellent option because each pouch makes 8-10 cotton candy cones. So, you can easily try different flavors including grape, orange, and cherry, plus classic pink (Silly Nillly) and blue (Boo Blue). Ideal for rental companies and family fun centers that host birthday parties.

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