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Putting a “Spin” on Your Cotton Candy Sales

Happy Couple at a Fair

In the world of fun foods, cotton candy seems magical. It’s just a tiny bit of sugar mixed with lots of air and you end up with a highly profitable sweet treat. Simple to make, with profit margins over 85% and an appeal to both children and adults, the benefits of selling cotton candy are clear. This versatile snack can easily be a best-seller in nearly any setting. And here are a few tips that can help:

  • Get Mobile – When you’re in an area with a high amount of foot traffic, you want to be able to be out with the crowds, not stuck behind a stationary counter hoping the customers will come to you. For locations like stadiums, tourist attractions or festivals, it pays to have a Mobile Serving Station. Equipped with a rolling base, serving shelf and retractable power cord, it allows you to go where the customers are. It increases your visibility and the likelihood of impulse sales.
  • Special Deals – Everyone loves to feel like they’re getting a good deal. Snack bar locations that sell multiple types of concessions can benefit by pairing different foods together. For example, popcorn and cotton candy make a Sweet & Salty Combo. You price it right so there’s an obvious value for your customer. Also, another option is to create a jumbo size. This is a win-win because not only will you sell more, the large size will attract attention and help drive additional customers to your stand.
  • Make the Most of the Seasons – Some businesses are heavily seasonal, like swimming pools in the summer and pumpkin patches in the fall. You can use this to your advantage by offering special seasonal cotton candy flavors. Imagine a refreshing mix of citrus and passion fruit offered at the pool snack bar. Or try Fall Spice at the pumpkin farm. Gold Medal offers: Spring Time Delight, Summer Citrus, Fall Spice and Winter Frost flossugar flavors.
  • On Display – The best products can literally sell themselves. And that’s the case with cotton candy too. Using Floss Bags or Candee Fluff containers, you can make it in advance and have it on display and convenient for buyers. There are a variety of eye-catching merchandisers available that will also help to attract customers. This can make selling cotton candy achievable for any retail location.
  • Give Parties More Flavor – Cotton candy is a big hit for birthday parties and special events. Offering different flavors is one way to add the fun factor, but it’s often not practical because of cost and waste issues. The new 8-oz. Flossugar Pouches are an excellent option because each pouch makes 8-10 cotton candy cones. So, you can easily try different flavors including grape, orange and cherry, plus classics pink (Silly Nillly) and blue (Boo Blue). Ideal for rental companies and family fun centers that host birthday parties.

Gold Medal is here to help your concession business be more profitable. If you would like to learn more about these suggestions or explore other opportunities, please email or call 1-800-543-0862 and speak with one of our representatives.