Large Venue & Theater Concessions

With larger venues and bigger crowds come more business opportunities, as well as unique challenges, for your concession stands. Whether your stands operate in a constrained space as in a theater or open areas like amusement parks, layout, efficiency and safety features are just some of the things you need to keep in mind when making decisions about concessions. Find resources here for choosing appropriate high-volume equipment and supplies, increasing customer satisfaction and sales, marketing your snacks effectively, and more.

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3 Basic Factors to Consider When Choosing Theater Popcorn Equipment

Get the Basics of Theater Popcorn Equipment

Movies and popcorn go hand in hand. As a theater, the quality of your popcorn is a key part of the overall moviegoing experience. You want to make sure you invest in the best. A lot of factors must be considered from the equipment you use, to the seasonings, and even the popping process.

The best machines are designed with features that intuitively meet your needs and make your job easier.

  • Is the popper designed for safety? Minimizing the risk of burns and spills is important. Gold Medal’s Twin-Arm Kettle Suspension gives added stability, which helps to prevent accidental oil spills. In addition, the PopClean® models come with a built-in fire suppression system.
  • Can it withstand the high-volume demands of a theater? There’s more to consider than just the size of the popper. The motors have to be built for strength and reliability for producing a large quantity of popcorn. Plus, Big Eye Electronic Heat Control means that your temperature is automatically monitored, giving you added peace of mind when your staff is at its busiest times.
  • How about ongoing cleaning and maintenance concerns? With the E-Z Kleen Kettles, the stainless steel surface helps to ensure long-lasting performance and is simple to maintain. Gold Medal also offers cleaning supplies that are designed to prolong the life of your popper.

These are just a few examples of questions to consider when evaluating popcorn machines. You can learn more by downloading Gold Medal’s Theater Tip Sheet. This is a convenient way to understand the features of Gold Medal poppers that set them apart from the competition. Plus, it includes a bulleted list of tips for operation, quality, and cleaning, so you’re ensured the best-tasting popcorn with every batch. It’s a great way to get started on popping delicious and unforgettable movie theater popcorn!