Large Venue & Theater Concessions

With larger venues and bigger crowds come more business opportunities, as well as unique challenges, for your concession stands. Whether your stands operate in a constrained space as in a theater or open areas like amusement parks, layout, efficiency and safety features are just some of the things you need to keep in mind when making decisions about concessions. Find resources here for choosing appropriate high-volume equipment and supplies, increasing customer satisfaction and sales, marketing your snacks effectively, and more.

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Decrease Wait Times at Theater Concessions with Self-Service Options

Using Self-Service Options to Reduce Lines at Theater Concessions 

Because theater concessions are your main profit drivers, long, slowly moving lines are never what you want to see. Your staff can be the best at hustling, but still when several popular films have similar showtimes, there’s only so much they can do to fulfill popcorn, nacho, soda, and candy orders. Help your employees make more sales by creating a faster way to get customers through the concession lines – self-service.

  • Grab-and-go displays. These are handy for moviegoers to choose their own bottled soda and candy while waiting in line to order popcorn or other menu items. You can even add healthier options if your clientele prefers, such as cut fruits and hummus. If you have the space, coolers that can be restocked from the back can cut down on disruptions to the visitor experience. Placing coolers and merchandise shelving out of the way of lines also helps to reduce congestion in the concessions area.
  • Self-ordering kiosks. Allowing customers to send their own orders to staff and swipe their own credit cards saves time in the line. Your employees are free to concentrate on fulfilling orders rather than taking them, and customers don’t hold up the line deciding what they want. Self-ordering also encourages impulse buys, so you may find you make even more sales this way.
  • Smartphone apps. Many of the largest cinema chains have adopted apps that let customers order and pay for concessions from their phones. Some have express windows where these guests can pick up their food on their way to their seats, while others deliver the food directly to moviegoers in their seats. This frees up the lines for the non-technologically savvy patrons.
  • Popcorn topping and condiment bars. To reduce wasted time at the register, direct guests to self-serve counters where they can add their own buttery flavor and toppings to popcorn and choose other condiments for their snacks. They’ll appreciate the custom options and your lines will move more quickly without folks taking the time to salt their popcorn after their purchase.

Your movie theater concession stand is the life of your business. Lines will always exist, as long as there are moviegoers, but with some or all of these plans in place, you’ll see a reduction in wait times and more satisfied customers.

Additionally, do an inspection of your concessions equipment, especially your poppers, to make sure it’s functioning optimally and is still the right size for the traffic your theater gets. To reduce lines, your machines must be able to keep up with demand. If they can’t, it’s time to order new equipment that is up to the task.