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In addition to providing concession equipment and supplies, Gold Medal is committed to sharing expert food ideas that will keep you feeling creative. Fresh twists on old favorites, new food trends, and other menu suggestions offer inspiration for you to build on to surprise and delight your customers. Use these concepts to spark ideas of your own and add new energy to your concession business.


5 Ways to Flavor Fudge

How to Make Fudge with Creative Ingredients

Timeless flavors like chocolate and vanilla will always be popular for fudge. Once you’ve mastered making these classics, you will want to start exploring options for adding new flavors to your menu. The good news is that you don’t have to resort to a lengthy or costly trial and error process to develop your own unique recipes. Flavoring your fudge doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. Just adding one of these delicious ingredients can take your product from ordinary to extraordinary! Explore these five ideas and find your next best-selling fudge recipe.

1. Sno-Kone® Syrups

Sno-Kone syrups are an iconic summer treat, but they can also be used to add flavor to your fudge! Combine just a few ounces of your favorite Sno-Kone flavor, like strawberry, blue raspberry, lemon-lime, or even root beer with the Sweet Selections® Base Fudge Mix. (Find the recipe here!) The result is a tasty flavor and vivid color that will capture your customers’ attention. For an even more eye-catching product, make a swirled version with two flavors such as this fudge recipe for Peanut Butter & Jelly Fudge.

2. Flossugar

Another great way to enhance the flavor of your fudge is with Flossugar. Used for making cotton candy, this sugar comes in many colors and flavors and can be added directly to the mix for an extra special taste sensation. Just mix a few tablespoons into the Base Fudge Mix. Use classic blue (Boo Blue) and pink vanilla (Silly Nilly) to create this fun and attention-getting Rainbow Fudge that tastes just like cotton candy. Topped with marshmallows and sprinkles, kids will love it!

3. Signature Blends™

The Signature Blends line is one of the best and most useful ingredients for flavoring and coloring your fudge. These glazes are easy to use and can be added straight to the Base Fudge Mix. You can choose from a wide range of flavors like banana, blueberry, green apple, red cinnamon, and more. There are also color-only options that give your fudge a pop of color, including navy blue, bright yellow, pink, and more. One of our favorite recipes is Birthday Cake Fudge using birthday cake flavor and yellow color. Topped with rainbow sprinkles, it makes every day worth celebrating!

4. Caramel

Caramel can add a sweet richness that pairs deliciously with chocolatey goodness! As one of the most popular flavors, consumers are drawn to caramel because of its versatility and nostalgic quality. We recommend using Midway’s Finest Caramel to create a decadent Candy Bar Fudge. First create peanut butter fudge as the base, add a layer of melted caramel, then top with chocolate fudge. Another trending fudge recipe that’s a must-try is Salted Caramel Fudge. Made with Sweet Selections Vanilla Fudge Mix, the combination of flavors is simply mouthwatering.

5. Mix-ins

Add both texture and flavor to your fudge recipes with mix-ins. Crushed candies, cookie crumbles, or nuts can be the perfect addition. Get creative and imagine your customers’ reactions to custom fudge flavors like a traditional Cookies and Cream Fudge, gooey Dirt Fudge complete with gummy worms, or a holiday-favorite Candy Cane Fudge. You can use these tasty additions as a topping and/or embed them directly into the fudge.



The Basics of Making Fudge

Did you know the process of making fudge can be labor-intensive or complex if you don’t have the right equipment and supplies? That’s why Gold Medal offers the line of Sweet Selections Fudge products. Everything from the mix to the machines is designed to make fudge work for you!


The Fudge Mix

This unique mix is created to help you make consistent batches time after time. Not only that, but its simple process can save you up to 20 minutes of prep time compared to other alternative methods. You simply combine butter, water, and one bag of mix. Sweet Selections Fudge Mix comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors. There is also a base mix without flavor that you use with your own inclusions to create customized flavors.


The Fudge Machine

The Sweet Selections Fudge Mixer simplifies the production process. Equipped with digital controls, it offers both convenience and consistency. Compact in size, it can either be mounted to a counter, base, or wheeled truck, so you can choose what setup works best for your space. It includes a candy thermometer, specially designed silicone scraper paddle, and measuring cup. For capacity, the mixer uses 7 lbs of dry fudge mix (1 bag) per batch. It is UL Sanitation Approved / NSF Certified.


The Fudge Accessories

From fudge pans to liners, packaging, flavorings, and more, you can find it at Gold Medal. The non-stick aluminum fudge pans are durable and dishwasher safe and hold one batch of fudge. The liners are cut specifically for the pans and provide crisp, professional edges. For packaging, there are both half-pound and one-pound boxes and plastic containers. For flavorings, you can try our featured flavor selections of green mint, salted caramel, and pumpkin spice. Plus, as described above, you can expand your menu even more with Signature Blends, Flossugar, and Sno-Kone syrups.


Whether you’re just getting started in the fudge business or looking to expand, trust the leader in concession equipment and supplies, Gold Medal. To request a demo, reach out to your nearest Gold Medal distributor or call us direct at 800-543-0862. We have the knowledge and experience to help set you up for success!