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Why Should You Sell Funnel Cakes?

funnel cake with fruit on top along with crème on a white wooden table

Top Reasons for Selling Funnel Cakes


A staple at fairs and festivals, nothing compares to a deliciously fluffy and irresistibly sweet funnel cake. These golden-fried confections capture hearts (and stomachs) with a fun indulgence and remarkable nostalgic experience. More than just your average sweet treat, funnel cakes offer an extraordinary business opportunity. Explore the compelling reasons to add funnel cakes to your menu.

Simple Ingredients

Making funnel cakes is easier than you may realize. Just mix Gold Medal’s Deluxe Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cake Mix with water and you’ll be ready to fry up the best of funnel cakes. Using a funnel cake mix means consistent batches and convenience for operators.

Ease of Prep

Funnel cakes don’t require complex kitchen equipment or extensive training to make. The frying process only takes minutes. With the right equipment, it is possible to fry up multiple funnel cakes at the same time.

Completely Customizable

There are infinite possibilities with funnel cakes. From drizzles of chocolate to seasonal fruits, creamy dollops of whipped cream, or adventurous toppings like bacon or banana pudding, the only limit is your imagination. You can also flavor the batter itself with red velvet or other tasty flavors.

Sweet Profit Potential

Funnel cakes have a relatively low production cost compared to their selling price, providing a high profit margin. Add even more value when you customize with gourmet toppings. Or sell in different formats like funnel fingers or funnel swirls for even more opportunity.

Epic Appeal

Very few foods can compare to how funnel cakes are perceived. It has a reputation as something that stands out from the crowd and is synonymous with festive enjoyment. Adored by many, it’s not just a dessert, it is a timeless experience.

Crowd Magnet

Cooking a funnel cake may be simple, but it’s also visually engaging! Draw people in with the swirls of sizzling batter. Plus, with gourmet toppings, your funnel cake creations become photo-worthy promotions that entice customers.

a funnel cake with powder sugar held by a man in a street fair

Getting Started with Funnel Cakes

With funnel cakes, you do more than just satisfy a sweet tooth, you’re in the business of creating memories that will last. Whether you sell at local fairs, farmers markets, food trucks, or in a restaurant setting, you’ll connect with customers in a powerful way. Find the equipment and supplies you need to get started with funnel cakes.


To produce the best funnel cakes, you need fryers that are known for reliability, ease of use, and performance. Explore Gold Medal’s line of funnel cake fryers.


Gold Medal is your source for the top funnel cake accessories including molds, whisks, skimmers, and more.


Get the supplies you need to keep your funnel cake business running smoothly. From mixes to pitchers, to plates and toppings, shop all Gold Medal’s funnel cake supplies.

a women eats a funnel cake smiling while enjoying herself at the fair

Proven Profitability of Funnel Cakes

Funnel cakes boast an impressive profitability. Given the low cost of the raw ingredients (about $1.00 per serving), there is great potential to create significant profit margins regardless of venue. Selling prices can often range from $5.00 to $10.00. The universal appeal and emotional connection mean funnel cakes can fetch a higher price on the market. Not to mention, you can also upsell based on custom toppings and flavors. In addition, it can be sold year-round, bringing in sales across seasons. Funnel cakes not only put the fun in your menu, but they also generate substantial revenue. 


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