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Why Should You Sell Fried Foods?

baskets of fried food including deep fried onion rings cheese sticks and curly fries

Top Reasons for Selling Fried Foods

Golden, crispy, and delicious! From chicken fingers and French fries to corn dogs, donuts, and more, there is a wide world of potential for fried foods. It is completely realistic to become a sizzling business success with fried foods… here’s why:

Universal Appeal

Despite varying dietary preferences worldwide, fried foods represent a large customer base. Virtually any food item can be battered and fried, opening up endless possibilities for innovation. Fried foods are associated with comfort, indulgence, and celebration. Catering to these cravings can lead to a thriving business.

Diverse Menu Options

Meats, vegetables, and desserts can all be deep-fried. Fried foods are easy to customize with different batter mixes, seasonings, and dipping sauces. It is a true chance to stand out from the competition.

Attractive Profit Margins

The ingredients required for fried foods are simple and relatively inexpensive. When coupled with the price customers are willing to pay, the profit margin potential is substantial. Additionally, you can customize the serving size, flavor, or make it a combo to create different price points that appeal to customers.

Fast and Convenient

Fried foods are quick and easy to prepare, making them an ideal choice for quick-service restaurants, food trucks, and concession stands. Being able to serve customers quickly without compromising on taste or quality can give you a competitive edge. Fried foods are also portable, making them a perfect option for grab-and-go food.

Pairing Possibilities

Because fried foods pair well with various beverages and sides, you can create specific combos, increasing your upsell opportunities and enhancing the experience. Consider how you will customize your menu and differentiate your business.


In the age of Instagram and food blogging, the visual appeal of food is more important than ever. When prepared well, the golden-brown hue of fried foods creates a photo-worthy opportunity. Encourage customers to snap and share their meals on social media.

fries in a restaurant style deep fryer surrounded by hot oil

Getting Started with Fried Foods

If you want to become a fry master, you don’t have to do it alone. Trust Gold Medal equipment and supplies for all your frying needs! From choosing the right equipment to learning how to fry, we’ve got the products and resources you need to be a success.


Whether you want to produce corn dogs, churros, deep-fried cheesecake, or any other fried food, check out the equipment Gold Medal offers.


Enhance your fried food business with efficiency and effectiveness. Gold Medal is your source for baskets, skimmers, batter dispensers, and other fried food accessories.


Start with high-quality ingredients! Find tasty batter mixes, food trays, toppings, and other essential fried food supplies.

basket of golden chicken tenders with a side of french fries

Proven Profitability of Fried Foods

One of the most compelling reasons to venture into the fried food business is its proven profitability. Cost effectiveness and return on investment are crucial. The lower cost of ingredients plus the ability to upsize portions without significantly increasing costs makes fried foods an attractive business opportunity. Profit margins can be as high as 80%+! Whether you’re a restaurant, food truck, or concessionaire, fried foods can boost your bottom line while satisfying your customers.


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