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Don't Skip Thanksgiving! Sweet Treat Sales in November


Advertising Sweet Treats for Thanksgiving Gatherings

In the retail world, it’s tempting to skip straight from Halloween displays to Christmas. But for sweet shops, gourmet popcorn shops, grocery stores, cafes, and more there are three great reasons not to ignore the Thanksgiving holiday: fudge, frosted nuts, and gourmet popcorn!


close-up of Apple Pie Fudge on red cloth

Selling the Flavors of Fall with Fudge

Your customers who are looking for something a little different to offer at their celebrations this year will thank you for the option of fudge. It’s shelf-stable and can handle transportation better than many pies, and it comes in a variety of flavors to satisfy guests. From individual family gatherings to corporate events, fudge is a perfect late fall treat. A great fall and Thanksgiving flavored treat to sell is apple pie fudge. No Thanksgiving meal is complete without apple pie. Apple pie fudge is a perfect, easy supplement dessert if your customer does not have time to make an apple pie.

Other fall fudge flavors include maple walnutchocolate whiskey swirlpraline pumpkin spice, and salted caramel. Any of these flavors would be a great Thanksgiving treat.

Frosted Nuts with sparkles on blue background

A Staple for the Table: Frosted Nuts

For those who like to have an appetizer table set up before the traditional meal for guests to snack on, frosted nuts are a must. Nuts are good sellers because they are high in energy, healthy, and easy for your customer to display. Nuts are a light, healthy snack that can help balance out the heaviness of Thanksgiving dinner. Provide bulk frosted pecans, almonds, or peanuts as an easy sweet addition to munch before the meal. Your customers will appreciate the easy display feature that nuts have to offer. Overall, this makes nuts a simple Thanksgiving snack.

close-up caramel corn spilled on table with caramel apple

Gourmet Popcorn: A Satisfying Snack

When it shows up on a Thanksgiving table, gourmet popcorn is a delightful surprise. The rich taste and aroma of caramel corn especially is perfectly in line with the late fall atmosphere and makes guests feel cozy and comfortable as they wait for dinner. But caramel corn isn’t the only popcorn flavor you can add to your table. Add a fall favorite flavor such as pumpkin spice popcorn to make your table even more delicious. 

When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, a visually appealing table is everything. Popcorn can help make any table stand out like never before. One way to do this is by adding fall colored popcorn to the table. Dye your popcorn fall colors such as yellow, red, and orange. Sell these colors separately or mixed together to help your customers create a beautiful Thanksgiving table.  Popcorn balls are also a visually pleasing addition to the table.

Popcorn can also be included in a Thanksgiving-themed treat bag. Create and sell in your store Turkey Popcorn Treat Bags for your customers to buy. All you need are clear disposable gloves, popped popcorn, candy, googly eyes, and orange construction paper to make this fun treat. Click here for the step by step guide. Your customers will love to buy these premade gifts to give out at their Thanksgiving gathering.

girl with winter coat and hat picking out a gift basket with Christmas tree in background

Marketing Your Thanksgiving Options

Of course, you need to carefully balance the holidays – don’t wait until after Thanksgiving to hop on the Christmas advertising train. But a couple of weeks before Turkey Day, you can put up a window advertisement at your shop and dedicate some marketing dollars to a social media campaign and/or local radio spots.

Amp up your promotions in the last few days leading up to the holiday, when prep time is running low, and emphasize how purchasing your treats will make things easier for the stressed-out host. Focus on presentation with quality packaging – treats should be sold in a way that allows customers to simply unwrap and serve if at all possible, eliminating the extra step of arranging bowls or serving trays. If you’re able, you might even consider offering delivery services.

If you’re able to make hosting Thanksgiving easier for your customers, they’ll certainly remember you for other events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and more!

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