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Hot Concession Food Ideas for Winter Events

pizza being pulled from a full pie as the cheese melts and pulls apart

For many of us, winter is in full force and the balmy days of summer seem far away. This makes it the perfect opportunity to serve up a variety of best-selling concession stand foods that will warm a crowd, and Gold Medal has you covered.

8 Types of Hot Concession Foods to Sell

saratoga swirls and wedges

Anything Fried

Let’s face it – customers love fried foods year-round, especially as a treat at special events. Serving popular funnel cakes (add toppings such as fruit for an upsell) to will draw in customers. Consider adding Saratoga Swirls to your menu as well. These potato-based snacks cook in just moments. (Tip: Use Signature Shakes® to create different flavors, like sour cream & chives.) Both funnel cakes and Saratoga Swirls bring you a high profit margin, since the food costs are low, so both items can make their way to your most profitable concession food list.

man holds hot dog and pours mustard on it

Pizza and Hot Dogs

These are popular items because they can be eaten as a snack or a meal, making them convenient for families who are out enjoying winter activities on the go. They’re ideal from a seller’s point of view because both are easy to keep warm and serve with Gold Medal concession equipment.

a pretzel wrapped in a napkin on a wood table


Does it get any easier than this? Simply heat and serve hot pretzels for a quick snack that pleases. Cater to sweet and savory cravings alike by offering salt or cinnamon and sugar, and get creative with other toppings for your customers.

fully loaded nachos on a bamboo table top


When you use the El Nacho Grande Bag Cheese Dispenser, serving nachos is convenient for your staff (with tasty results for your customers!). It has a pre-heating backup space for additional cheese, and there’s virtually no clean-up needed at the end of the night. Another option is Portion Pak Cheese. If you go with these pre-measured serving cups, note that they can be reheated several times, so you don’t have to worry about selling the entire warmed stock in one shift.

waffle puppies on a stick

Waffles and Fudge Puppies

It’s smart to include a warm dessert option, as this falls within the family of comfort foods that many people search out during cold weather. As with pretzels and funnel cakes, you can serve Belgian waffles with a variety of toppings with little extra work. Fudge puppies are an easy way to satisfy the chocolate lovers in your lines.

a woman kneels by her daughter outside as they share a warm drink

Hot Chocolate

And speaking of chocolate, hot cocoa is an absolute must. On cold days, this warm drink will fly out of your concession stand, so make sure you have plenty in stock, especially since it has a long shelf life. Add mini or even large marshmallows to give your crowd an extra delight.

If possible, use signage to draw attention to the fact that you have hot foods available. The right concession options can draw in customers who are hungry for snacks and will also feed their desire for comfort foods and warmth. Contact us if you have questions about any of the products above – we’re happy to help your business be a success.

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