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10 Tasty Gourmet Popcorn Recipes to Help You Celebrate National Popcorn Day

Try These Recipes for National Popcorn Day!

National Popcorn Day is January 19th! We’re celebrating with this roundup of delicious gourmet popcorn recipes your customers will devour – whether they’re looking for sweet, savory, spicy, or all of the above. Try them all and let us know which is your favorite!

Birthday Cake Popcorn

Even if it’s not their birthday, your customers will love the combination of sweet cake flavor with white chocolate drizzle and eye-catching rainbow sprinkles.

birthday cake popcorn with white chocolate drizzle and rainbow sprinkles in a white bowl with samples in cupcake holders

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Bacon Popcorn

There’s no such thing as too much bacon, so pile on the Bacon Savory, Bacon Bits, and/or real bacon pieces freshly sizzling from the skillet.

bits of bacon mixed with popcorn

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Loaded Baked Potato Popcorn

Sometimes you want the carb taste without the heaviness – your customers will love the savory flavor of loaded baked potato in lighter popcorn form.

loaded baked potato popcorn in a wooden bowl with a potato, bacon bits, chives, and salt and pepper in the background

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Spicy Mango Popcorn

The spicy kick of ghost pepper combines with sweet and tangy mango in this tasty and addictive gourmet treat.

orange-red spicy mango popcorn in a white bowl with a mango and pepper to the side with a palm tree leaf background

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Rainbow Popcorn

Inspired by the popular unicorn food trend, our rainbow popcorn is both delicious to eat and beautiful to look at! Treat your customers to blue raspberry, cherry, and white chocolate delight.

rainbow popcorn in a glass bowl with sprinkles surrounded by samples in cupcake holders and pink and blue cotton candy on bright pink surface

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Red Velvet Popcorn

Creamy and decadent with way fewer calories than a slice of cake, this unique recipe combines our Red Velvet Funnel Cake Additive with popcorn and Basic Corn Treat Mix for an irresistible, guilt-free treat.

red-coated popcorn with white chocolate drizzle

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Trail Mix Popcorn

Traditional trail mix with a twist! Choose your favorite nuts and dried fruits to create a craveable snack for customers to take on the road.

trail mix white popcorn with dried cranberries and nuts

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Spicy Hot Chocolate Popcorn

Hot chocolate is a favorite winter indulgence – get that flavor in popcorn form and add a bit of spice with Ghost Pepper Flavacol® for a truly tasty treat.

pile of brown chocolate popcorn with white background

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Creamy Jalapeño Ranch Popcorn

That smooth ranch flavor with an added jalapeño kick will have your customers coming back for seconds – and thirds!

creamy jalapeño ranch popcorn in a glass bowl with a terra bowl of green jalapeno peppers

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Milk Chocolate Orange Popcorn

Popcorn’s answer to Terry’s Milk Chocolate Orange Ball, this recipe is easy to make and will be an unexpected treat!

orange popcorn drizzled with milk chocolate

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