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Why Should You Sell Gourmet Popcorn?

candy and popcorn mixed together in a bowl on a table

Top Reasons for Selling Gourmet Popcorn


Popcorn is a classic snack enjoyed by millions worldwide. One of the reasons it is so beloved is that it makes an ideal canvas for flavors. From caramel corn to cheese corn, kettle corn, candy glazed, or tasty savories, there are so many options for making gourmet popcorn. As a business opportunity, gourmet popcorn is a profitable market and advantageous venture. Here’s why:

Countless Flavor Possibilities

With endless flavor combinations, there’s a type of gourmet popcorn to suit any palate. You can customize with local flavors, appeal to certain demographics, and make signature recipes. This allows you to continuously innovate and keep your product line interesting and appealing to customers.

Promising Profit Margins

Compared to many other food items, popcorn has a lower cost of production. Add in your own high-quality ingredients and present it in attractive packaging to create extra value. It is possible to significantly mark up the price of gourmet popcorn, resulting in impressive profit margins.

Year-Round Selling Opportunities

You aren’t limited by when you sell gourmet popcorn. While your flavor offerings may change with the seasons, the sales potential is year-round. From pumpkin spice in fall to peppermint for winter, you can drive sales and keep customers excited all year long.

Versatile Ways to Sell

Whether it’s a movie night, gift basket, holiday tin, or classy wedding favor, gourmet popcorn can fit nearly any occasion. It is flexible in presentation, as it can be customized in flavor, color, and packaging. Gourmet popcorn is a premium snack that consumers enjoy indulging in.

Ease of Prep

Gourmet popcorn is simple to make. The process is easy to learn, and it does not require a huge investment to get started. Many start out on a small scale, then expand as the business grows.  Popcorn also has a relatively long shelf-life making it good for packaging and shipping.

Highly Marketable

Gourmet popcorn is not just popular for its flavors, it also has visual appeal. Vibrant colors and creative flavor profiles will attract customers. Plus, they’re highly photogenic, perfect for social media marketing.


a persons hand wearing a blue glove scoops gourmet popcorn out of a warmer

Getting Started with Gourmet Popcorn

Gourmet popcorn isn’t just about taste; it’s about the experience, the creativity, and the opportunity it offers. If you have a passion for flavor and want to build a fantastic business with gourmet popcorn, Gold Medal has the products and resources you need to be successful.


Poppers, cooker mixers, and tumblers all come together to create the best-tasting gourmet popcorn flavors. Shop Gold Medal’s Gourmet Popcorn Equipment now!


Enhance your equipment with top-quality gourmet popcorn accessories, including carts, bases, cooling pans, and much more.


Get the gourmet popcorn supplies you need to keep your business running smoothly. From cheese pastes to seasonings, glazes, and more, you’ll find the all the ingredients and packaging to make your favorite flavors.

several bowls on a table filled with several varities of gourmet popcorn and candies

Proven Profitability of Gourmet Popcorn

Starting a gourmet popcorn shop can be a tremendously profitable venture! Because popcorn is a relatively inexpensive raw material, it has high markup potential. Paired with the right ingredients, you can sell gourmet popcorn at a substantial premium. Caramel corn can average profit margins as high as 76%! You can cater to all types of dietary preferences, which gives you a broad potential customer base. Plus, creating seasonal offerings, gift packages, and special event products means there are even more possible revenue streams. If you’re ready to “pop” into a business filled with flavor, fun, and financial success, consider gourmet popcorn!


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