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How to Use Leftover Concession Stand Supplies

What to Do with Unused Concession Supplies

It is not always easy to estimate the number of people who will attend community, school, or church fundraising events, or to calculate the volume of concession supplies you’ll need. When in doubt, you probably stock up on more supplies than you need. So, what do you do with the extra concession supplies? Here are some ideas on how to utilize your unused concession stand supplies wisely. 


lemon bubble waffle with Signature Shake lemon topping and lemons on a wooden table

Use the Product Another Way

If you have leftover concession stand supplies such as popcorn, Corn Treat flavors, or Hawaii’s Finest® Concentrates, don’t worry! Believe it or not, these products can be used for more than you think. For example, popcorn is a great snack by itself but that is not all that this tasty food is capable of. Consider adding popcorn to other products to spice up your menu! Your customers wouldn’t mind if you pushed the boundaries on what those kernels are capable of. You can add popcorn to cookies or brownies. Salty and sweet is the perfect duo. Or top beloved dishes such as ice cream and hot dogs with popcorn. These unique ideas will catch your customers’ eyes!

Don’t be afraid to use Corn Treat flavors in different ways as well! Corn Treat flavors can be added to waffles, fudge, and even some drinks. For example, you can create the most indulgent and delightful sweet treats using Corn Treats flavors in your waffles. Flavors such as birthday cake will create a tasty treat. Check out this recipe to learn how to add your favorite Corn Treats flavor to your bubble waffle dishes. Corn Treat flavors can also be used in fudge! Fudge recipes such as birthday cake fudge require #2439 Birthday Cake Corn Treat and #2297 Yellow Corn Treat to be added. Additionally, you can use Corn Treat Color in drink recipes such as pink hot chocolate!

Finally, you can use Hawaii’s Finest® Concentrates on more than just frozen treats. In fact, did you know Hawaii’s Finest® Concentrates can be used in fudge? Fudge recipes such as peanut butter and jelly, strawberry, lime, cherry, and cotton candy all contain Hawaii’s Finest® Flavor Concentrates.

mega pop corn, oil, and butter-flavor seasoning popcorn kit next to a large stack of white paper pates

Network to Share Supplies

In the business world, it is important to network, network, network! Why not network to share supplies with another organization? You can trade for similar supplies, barter your supplies for services, or donate them to a fundraiser-specific concession stand. If you’re interested in trading or bartering, ask a fellow concession stand manager if they’re interested in working something out. The trade could be popcorn supplies for napkins, cups, or plastic gloves; anything they might have an excess of and is comparable in price for the amount that you’re trading. A barter might involve a service; you could give away the supplies in exchange for something less tangible that you can use, such as cross-promotional marketing or help cleaning your concession stand for an hour, depending on the number of supplies on the table for the barter. To donate the supplies, start with considering what causes are important to you; it may be the school your children go to, your church, or a local venue that supports causes you care about. Start by contacting the person in charge of the concessions and letting them know why you’re reaching out to them. They’ll likely be happy to receive your extra product and pleased that you chose their organization to support.

a row of light draft beers with buttered popcorn to the side

Plan an Event

Another great way to use leftover concession supplies is by planning an event. Events such as a movie night, fundraiser, or carnival are great ways to draw crowds. Before the event know which items you need to sell most and be strategic in what specials or sales you have to help execute your sales plan. At the event make sure to promote the products and supplies you need to sell. For example, if you need to sell hot dog supplies make hot dogs your “featured” dish of the night. Or have a special promotion such as “buy one hot dog, get one free”. Having specials, deals, or other promotions will catch your customer’s eye and make them more likely to buy the product. If you don’t want to plan an event, become a part of one already happening. Be sure to check your local community calendar for parades and other fun gatherings.

You can also partner with local businesses in your area. For example, if you need to sell your remaining popcorn try partnering with a local brewery. Popcorn and beer are classic pairings that everyone loves. Not only can this partnership be utilized year-round but on holidays too. For example, January 19 is National Popcorn Day! On January 19, the brewery you partner with can sell your popcorn as well. This is a great way to draw in crowds for the brewery as well as sales for your business!

stack of clear bags with print, "Caramel Corn," containing caramel corn

Create Opportunities

Finally, if you need to use your leftover concession supplies, create an opportunity to make it happen! You can use leftover concession supplies as gifts, rewards, or promotional ideas for your business. For example, if you have leftover popcorn use it as part of an employee or customer recognition effort. Because the supplies are so inexpensive, fresh popcorn makes a great giveaway as motivation or “just because.” It creates a fun atmosphere in a wide range of settings for your organization. This idea could be used with any easy-to-make products such as pretzels, fudge, or cotton candy.


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