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Your Fundraising Problems… Solved!

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Solutions for Common Fundraising Concerns

Are your fundraising woes frustrating you? For schools and nonprofit organizations, fundraising is a necessity, but it comes with significant challenges. Let’s address some of the most common problems facing fundraiser decision-makers and explain how concession foods can help get them solved.

Low Margins

There are fundraising programs that look very attractive, but as you read the fine print, the numbers just don’t add up. When profit margins average less than 50%, you have to ask, “Who is this really benefiting?”

One of the reasons concession foods work well for fundraisers are because they are low cost items that deliver high margins, averaging 70-80%. That means more dollars go back into your organization. (Want more ideas to take your concession stand fundraising to the next level?)

Volunteer Engagement Down

Volunteers can be deterred for a number of reasons:  time commitment, complexity, competing priorities or just general lack of interest. When volunteers are reluctant to step up, any fundraiser is going to feel defeated.

With concession foods, you have greater flexibility. Split up the responsibilities to make roles clear: prepping the stand, taking orders, cashiering, making foods and clean up. Many volunteers are open to operating the stand for a few hours per event rather than other fundraiser options that might require weeks of work.

Limited Reach

Where many fundraisers fall short is the lack of appeal to a wide audience. Starting with a narrowed field of prospects puts you at a marked disadvantage. Don’t limit yourself by demographics or other characteristics.

The best fundraisers capitalize on items that meet a common need or want. You want to use that to your advantage. Because food is consumable and fueled by the senses, it draws people into the atmosphere and encourages impulse buys. (Discover the Top 10 Must-Have Snack Bar Foods in our eBook.)


The majority of fundraisers run for a limited amount of time and then they are done until next year. If you don’t earn what you need, that can leave gaps in your fundraising and leaders may find themselves scrambling to make up for it.

A key advantage to concessions is that it is versatile and can be used year-round. From fairs and festivals to sporting events and movie nights, foods fit with any occasion. Plus, you can even pre-package items to sell as gifts.


When you trust Gold Medal for your concession fundraising needs, your organization benefits from a wealth of experience. Our team can help you determine what products make sense for your needs, assist with training and answer your questions. To get started, just connect with your nearest Gold Medal dealer today!