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Our blog is your source for concession industry tips and tricks. Whether you’re looking for unique ideas for fundraising, want information on creating a successful sweet shop in your grocery store, or need new ways to promote your gourmet popcorn business, we have plenty of information to inspire you. You’ll find new menu recommendations, marketing ideas, seasonal suggestions, and more. Feel free to scroll through all of our posts or browse by category to find relevant information for you.

Your Fundraising Problems… Solved!
Let Gold Medal help you tackle some of the most common fundraising frustrations! Schools and nonprofits can find fundraising success with fun foods. See how concession stand fundraisers can make achieving your fundraising goals easier.
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How to Use Leftover Concession Stand Supplies

If you've got excess stock in inventory we've got some creative ideas of what you can do with leftover concession supplies. 

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Putting the "Fun" in Fundraiser with Beer and Popcorn
Maddie Stevens, president of a YSU graduate student organization, needed an unique fundraiser idea - so she turned to two local businesses and created a fun and successful event with beer and popcorn. Find out more about the event and Maddie's advice to others looking to raise money.
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A Gourmet Popcorn and Beer Tasting
As a fun food company, we love when people get it. Seeing people make creative foods that surprise and delight others gives us joy. And everyone knows that popcorn is one of the best snacks to go with beer! 
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Success Story: Mile Hi Popcorn
Julie McGuire and her son Sean hit the ground running and haven’t looked back. Co-owners of Mile Hi Popcorn, located in Centennial, Colorado, they’re busy making a long-time dream of Julie’s a reality.
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Plant the Seed of Buying Popcorn Before Your Fundraiser Even Begins

Fundraiser event ideas > When you include the idea of popcorn in your event marketing, you’re planting the seeds for an even bigger profit.


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It’s Almost Fall! 5 Ways to Maximize Opportunities in Autumn

Discover new ways to draw lines to your concession stand with these clever ideas.

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The Right Concession Equipment to Kickstart Back-to-School Fundraising

Going with the right concessions equipment and foods is a great way to welcome your students back and generate a profit for what could be your first fundraiser of the term.

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