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Curious about Making Caramel Corn?

For a rich, candy-coated confection, nothing satisfies like caramel corn! It is not only a flavorful snack, but also a highly profitable product. Creating your own flavorful blend allows you to mix science and creativity. There are different methods for you to choose from and certain tips to help you make the best caramel corn batch after batch.

Corn Choice – If you’re just starting out, you may not know there are different types of popcorn. Monster Mushroom is the top recommendation for caramel corn, as its larger size is easy to coat, plus it is less likely to break. Butterfly kernels are light and tender, not recommended for caramelizing.

Mixes – For cookers/mixers, Caramel Corn Treat Mixes come in different formulations, allowing you the level of customization you want. Complete Corn Treat Mixes only require you to add water. One-Step Mixes include oil, but you add sugar and water. With Corn Treat Concentrate Mixes, you can add your own sugar, oil and water. Experiment and see what works best for you!

What about Butter? – If you like to use real butter, do not add it during the cooking process. Butter burns at a much lower temperature and can ruin your batch. Add it when the buzzer sounds. The butter should totally melt by the time the mixing/coating process is complete.

Avoid Stickiness – One of the challenges you may encounter with caramel corn is having the pieces stick and clump together. Free-N-Easy Candy Corn Separator will take care of this issue. Spray about 15-20 squirts into the tumbling mixture in the drum during the last 45-60 seconds of mixing.

Humidity and Altitude – Two factors that can have an impact on your caramel corn are humidity and altitude. For humidity, you’ll want to increase your heat as the humidity increases and lower your heat as the humidity decreases. Also, water boils at a lower temperature at higher altitudes. To prevent the glaze from crystallizing, add more water to prolong the cooking cycle.

Alternative Method – Even if you don’t have a cooker/mixer, you can still make great-tasting caramel corn. Thanks to Glaze Pop®, you simply add the mix into your kettle with your corn and oil. Batches will come out mostly coated, with an overall sweet finish. Available in flavor varieties including cherry, chocolate and vanilla latte, Glaze Pop® offers a simple way for you to expand your menu. 

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