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Apple Cider Popcorn Recipe

The classic taste of apple cider comes to life in this recipe for Apple Cider Popcorn. A rich flavor profile of cinnamon, apple, and orange will make this a treat you'll savor and enjoy. Add this seasonal favorite to your menu!



  • Take lid off Mark 5 Cooker Mixer
  • Add the following directly to the cooker mixer:
    • 4 oz of white coconut oil
    • 4 cups of white sugar
    • 1½ cups of water
    • 1 pouch Basic Corn Treat Concentrate Mix
  • Place lid back on the cooker mixer
  • When buzzer sounds, turn heat/motor switch off
  • Mix the following flavorings together:
    • ¼ cup Red Hot Cinnamon Candy Glaze
    • 2 Tbsp Green Apple Candy Glaze
    • 1 tsp Orange Candy Glaze
  • Add the flavorings to the cooker mixer
  • Turn the motor switch on
  • Allow flavoring to mix for 45 seconds
  • Add the 5 gallons of Mushroom popcorn
  • Let popcorn mix
  • Right before dumping, sprinkle ¼ cup of Churro seasoning onto popcorn
  • Dump and let cool
  • Drizzle with melted White Chocolate