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There's Still Time to Add Frozen Treats to Your Menu

It’s Not Too Late to Buy a Slush Machine or Other Frozen Treat Equipment

The beginning of the season rush is hectic, and you might think you don’t have time for adding new products to your lineup, like frozen treats and drinks. But it's never too late to start selling cold snacks and beverages, and the profits you’ll see will outweigh the minimal effort required.

Here are some frozen treat options to consider.

Sno-Kone® and Shaved Ice Machines: Low Cost and High Profit

With a starting price between $600-$1,000, Sno-Kone® machines are an affordable option. Adults and kids recognize the signature cone shape right away and will be tempted by tasty syrups.

A commercial ice shaver is more expensive, but people tend to view shave ice as a higher-value product than a snow cone, so you can generally charge higher prices.

If you have a very high volume at your snack stand, Sno-Kones® will work best for your business because ice is crushed in advance, letting you scoop out the appropriate amount as customers order. With shave ice, each serving is shaved individually and takes more time to prepare.

With food costs at just under $0.20 for Sno-Kones® and just under $0.30 for shave ice, pricing servings between $1.00 and $3.00 will give you 80% or higher profits for the remainder of the summer season.

Slush Machines: Easy Crowd Pleasers

Frusheez® slush machines act as attractive merchandisers that draw in customers. They’re extremely versatile as far as flavor options to offer. Sell traditional tastes like blue raspberry and fruit punch, or branch out and turn your slush machine into a frozen margarita machine or daiquiri maker.

Extend your menu by offering layered versions of two to three different flavors. For twin-bowl Frusheez, try Cherry Limeade, and if you purchase a triple-bowl, you can make three-layered Patriotic Pop slush, a visual and tasty delight. A commercial slush machine can even make smoothies, sweet tea, or frozen cider.

Once your mix is prepared, the machine does all the work and you simply dispense the slushy upon each order, making it simple to serve in high quantities.

Waffle Bakers: Handmade Appeal with Ice Cream Cones

Ice cream is a traditional summer treat, but there is competition on this front. So if you decide to get into the ice cream business, why not offer your customers a little extra incentive to choose you?

Advertise your handmade waffle cones for a delicious pairing to your ice cream flavors. With a waffle cone maker and cone roller, it’s simple to prepare fresh waffle cones daily for your customers. For an upsell, dip some cones in chocolate and then in sprinkles or crushed nuts.

Any of these frozen treats would make a great addition to your concession stand to increase your summer sales and thrill your customers with a chilly snack during the hottest months – and you can always continue to expand your offerings as needed.

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