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6 Ideas for Increasing Your Movie Theater Attendance This Summer

Movie Theater Marketing Ideas to Draw Summer Crowds

Summer is the season for big blockbusters and moviegoing crowds. But how do you make sure people are choosing your theater over others when they head out to catch the latest releases? Use these movie theater marketing ideas to keep the crowds coming.

1. People don’t always base their movie theater attendance on what’s closest to them – they choose the best. So start by providing a great experience. Install comfy seats, keep your space clean and tidy, and emphasize your expectation for exceptional customer service from all your employees, so that visitors want to return. Also, check that your popcorn machines are clean and employees know how to operate them properly so customers get the best-tasting movie snacks.

2. In our era of large theater chains, individual cinemas can seem to lack personality. Don’t be anonymous. Get your name out there through social media, local radio, and community newspapers and websites. Even if you are part of a large chain, you can use your specific location to set your theater apart and remind fans that it’s unique.

3. Cold drinks and popcorn – everyone has them, but you should be the one talking about them! Offer concession stand deals that are actually good. When customers purchase a popcorn/drink combo, give them a discount: even a dollar or so off the regular price is a strong incentive to purchase. You can choose to offer specials permanently, or only on certain days or during a specific time period to attract people.

4. Private label products can generate loyalty when people love an item and know they can’t get it anywhere else. Expand your concession stand to provide specialty gourmet popcorn flavors and name them with movie-related or locally known landmarks. If a customer craves your particular recipe, they’ll want that as their movie snack every time, and your theater is the only place they can get it.

5. Customer loyalty programs work surprisingly well to draw people back for repeat visits. It doesn’t have to be a high-tech swipe card or app. Go old school and offer a stamped card that customers can use to get a free popcorn or drink after 10-12 purchases. Knowing they have a free item coming will make them think twice about seeing a movie at a competing cinema.

6. Consider a movie ticket promotion fans can only access during their current visit. Sell gift cards to your theater at $5 off the list price. People love a good deal, and this guarantees their return for a future movie.

We hope these ideas are helpful as you plan for summer marketing and attract more customers to your cinema. Find more movie theater ideas and tips to stay on top of industry trends.