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New ventures can be intimidating, but not when you have the team of experts at Gold Medal on your side. When starting a concession stand business, one of your first tasks should be to explore our site and call us for a consultation. We offer in-person taste sampling and training on how to use equipment such as industrial popcorn machines; we even share suggestions for designing your food service area. You’re not alone when you choose Gold Medal as your concession equipment supplier! Get information on starting a concession business here and call us to get started.


10 Must-Have Concession Products You May Have Overlooked

Gold Medal Products Glaze Pop and Pop-N-Glaze

Top 10 Concession Supplies You Might Have Overlooked

Attention concession stand owners and operators, are you looking to make your job easier? Do you need to be more efficient? Want to increase profits? Interested in expanding your menu? With over 90 years in business, Gold Medal has discovered the concession supplies that deliver practical benefits. We’ve collected some of our unique tools and tips that you can use behind-the-scenes to make a difference for your business. From popcorn flavoring to specialized cleaners, discover 10 essential concession supplies that you might not have known you needed.

Free 'N Easy

1. Free 'N Easy

Caramel corn is a sticky business. So how do you keep your kernels from sticking together? The answer is Free ‘N Easy. This candied popcorn separation aid is an oil-based spray that is used when the caramel corn is mixing. Lightweight and flavor-free, it is a secret ingredient for making the very best caramel corn.

Corn Baller

2. Corn Baller

Molding caramel popcorn balls by hand can be a time-consuming, inconsistent, and inefficient process. The heated corn can also mean fears of burning your hands. If you want to make the best popcorn balls, the Corn Baller will make your job so much easier. Designed to work like a pair of pliers, this tool makes three-inch popcorn balls evenly every time.

Glaze Pop

3. Glaze Pop®

Popping up sweet flavors of popcorn means overcoming a primary obstacle… the potential burning of the kettle. Thankfully, Gold Medal has a solution. Glaze Pop® allows you to make sweet-flavored popcorn straight from the kettle. Just add with your corn and oil. Flavors include Cherry Pink, Chocolate, Blue Raspberry, Red Cinnamon, and more. One of the most essential (and delicious) concession supplies, Glaze Pop helps you produce great-tasting popcorn every time.

Automatic Cotton Candy Floss Bagger

4. Compact Bag Blower

Nothing slows you down when making cotton candy like plastic bags that stick together. Luckily, there is a solution. The Compact Bag Blower is a 120-volt blower that shoots air along the front edge of the bags to always keep one open and ready to fill.

Sour Attitude

5. Sour Attitude

Sour is one of the most popular flavor trends. Turn any sweet flavor into a lip-puckering sour kick with just a splash of Sour Attitude. You can add it to your frozen treats like snow cones, shave ice, or slush drinks. Also available as a dry mix, you can use it in recipes for sour gourmet popcorn or sour cotton candy.

Sno-Kone Dippers and Scoops

6. Sno-Kone Dippers

Just like an ice cream scoop gives you the familiar, smooth shape that customers expect, you can make nicely rounded Sno-Kones® each time with Sno-Kone Dippers. Available in blue plastic, aluminum (small), or aluminum (large), these concession products will easily shape the crushed ice into a smooth dome. Pair with the original Sno-Kone Cups for picture-perfect snow cones every time.

Funnel Fingers & Funnel Swirls Molds

7. Funnel Fingers & Funnel Swirls Molds

Did you know you can make funnel cakes even more fun by using molds to create unique shapes like Funnel Fingers and Funnel Swirls? Funnel Fingers transform funnel cakes into a walking food that’s easy to share, while Funnel Swirls are creatively wrapped around a stick for a snack that has a combo of convenience and visual appeal. The molds make the process so affordable, convenient, and easy, it’s well worth adding to your concession stand menu!

Funnel cakes, ice cream, and waffle toppings

8. Toppings

Funnel cakes, ice cream, and waffles can all be upsold simply by adding delicious toppings. Gold Medal offers a variety of concession supplies to take these menu items to the next level, including hot fudge and fruity toppings like apple, cherry, or strawberry. Serve the toppings warmed or straight from the container. Just imagine the gourmet possibilities you can make!

Apple Stick Setter

9. Apple Setter

For caramel apples, what’s the best way to get the stick to stay inserted in the apple? Gold Medal offers the Stick Setter. This device is built like a plunger system. You insert the setterstix inside with the point upward, center the apple on top, then plunge downward to insert the setterstix into the apple. This is not only a time-saving tool, but it also saves you the discomfort and trial and error of doing it by hand.

Specialized popper and equipment cleaners

10. Special Cleaners

The care and cleaning of your popper are important factors for maintaining both the appearance and the longevity of your machine. What you may not realize is that there are specialized cleaners to help keep your concession equipment in great shape. The Watchdog Heavy-Duty Glass Cleaner is ammonia-free, so it is safe for painted or plastic surfaces and popcorn doors. The Watchdog Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish helps to protect and shine your machine’s stainless-steel surfaces. And the safest way to clean the inside of the kettle is with Heat ‘N Kleen Kettle Cleaner. It uses a simple heat-and-soak process to remove deposits. Explore Gold Medal’s line of Concession Equipment Cleaning Supplies.

A women in a concession stand leans on counter smiling surrounded by ready to eat snacks and fresh popped popcorn.

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As the industry's leading concession equipment manufacturer and supplier, Gold Medal prides itself on offering high-quality, long-lasting, and affordable concession supplies. Our products can help you maximize profits, produce delicious menu items, and get the most out of your concession business.

Whether you run a school concession stand, own a food truck, or operate a specialty snack shop, Gold Medal has the concession supplies you need.

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