Starting a Concession Business

New ventures can be intimidating, but not when you have the team of experts at Gold Medal on your side. When starting a concession stand business, one of your first tasks should be to explore our site and call us for a consultation. We offer in-person taste sampling and training on how to use equipment such as industrial popcorn machines; we even share suggestions for designing your food service area. You’re not alone when you choose Gold Medal as your concession equipment supplier! Get information on starting a concession business here and call us to get started.


Getting Started with Your Own Concession Business

The First Steps to Your Own Concession Business

As a concessions industry leader since 1931, Gold Medal has seen many people start and grow successful fun foods businesses. We’re here to help you create and develop your business, while focusing on bringing in 70-80% profits.

Why Start a Concession Business

Fun foods have been making people happy for decades. People grew up eating them and associate them with the nostalgia of childhood. As adults, those same people want to share the experience and the taste with their own children. Fun foods are a tradition passed throughout generations of families.

Concession foods are people magnets – they’re available at places where individuals and families have gathered for fun, whether it’s a Little League game or a festival. People are drawn to fun foods! And it’s likely you’ll find that there are lots of opportunities. Many fun events are underequipped for concessions and would welcome your business.

Your Fun Foods Investment

More and more families are embracing the “staycation,” which means local attractions need more to entertain and feed crowds. You don’t need a shop – instead, start from a tent or trailer on weekends, setting up at farmers’ markets, community events, and children’s sports games.

Keep your day job and sell concessions on weekends until your business is profitable enough to expand. Start small with one great machine like the Sno-King to test out your idea, or choose a few types of concessions. In the following example, you’ll see how quick and easy it can be to recoup your initial costs.

Sample Purchase for a Small Trailer or Booth

12-oz. Whiz Bang Popcorn Machine: $2,075
Auto Breeze Cotton Candy Machine: $1,400
Deluxe Sno-Konette Ice Shaver: $1,195

Selling approximately 1,000 servings from each machine at $2.00 will pay for your concession equipment! If your market will bear it, you can even charge higher prices. Quite often, your first really busy weekend or two will pay for these three machines.

Tips for Selling Fun Foods

  • Offer a limited menu. Keeping things simple will allow you to provide faster service and reduce waste. Start with 3-4 menu items.
  • Don’t compete with the wrong businesses. Avoid carbonated drinks and burgers – you’re here to sell fun foods and not to try and take business from burger joints.
  • Observe what others are doing. Attend local fairs and festivals to get inspiration on how others market and price their products.
  • Sell the concept. Remember that people are purchasing an experience. For example, Sno-Kones® sell for about $1, but shaved ice can retail for $2-$4 because customers view it as a higher-value product.

Explore our eBook section for more insider information on starting your concession business.