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One of the most appealing reasons for selling concession foods is that you can do it almost anywhere. A concession or snack stand can be a great way to add convenience and variety to another venue. Grocery stores, restaurants, ice cream parlors, and community centers, as well as public parks and pools, are just a few of the areas where concession businesses thrive. With the right machines and supplies from Gold Medal you can start creating mouth-watering snacks that can draw in new customers and satisfy everyone. Get the resources you need to help you run your concession stand, including marketing tips, product and menu suggestions, informative articles, and more.


4 Profitable Gourmet Popcorn Shop Business Models

Gourmet Popcorn Shop Options That Can Work for You

If you're thinking of starting a concession business, consider the many opportunities available with gourmet popcorn! One of the great advantages is the ability to structure your business in the way that suits you best. Let’s take a look at 4 of the different business model options:


This is the traditional method of setting up an actual store location. While it requires the most overhead, it gives you a strong and credible business presence. Consider a location where you know you will have consistent customer traffic. Consult with a concession specialist to determine the best way to plan your equipment needs, set up your space, and choose flavors.

Mobile Stand

If you want to have a presence, but aren’t ready to invest in a storefront, the mobile popcorn stand offers you great flexibility. It can be part-time, seasonal, or full-time depending on how you structure the business. Some set up a booth for events or festivals. Others may have a popcorn cart at a local shopping center. It's also possible to use a mobile stand to market your storefront or online business.


No matter what business model you choose for your popcorn business, your online presence is important. Some choose to make this their primary way of doing business, by having orders placed via their company website. To set up an e-commerce website, it is important to have a firm understanding of SEO, pay-per-click advertising, e-marketing, and social media.


One final option is to produce gourmet popcorn that is then distributed by other stores or venues. You will need to build a network of businesses that are willing to display and sell your popcorn. Establish a pricing structure that allows both you and the vendor to make a profit. This model allows you to start out small and gradually build as the demand for your popcorn grows.

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