Large Venue & Theater Concessions

With larger venues and bigger crowds come more business opportunities, as well as unique challenges, for your concession stands. Whether your stands operate in a constrained space as in a theater or open areas like amusement parks, layout, efficiency and safety features are just some of the things you need to keep in mind when making decisions about concessions. Find resources here for choosing appropriate high-volume equipment and supplies, increasing customer satisfaction and sales, marketing your snacks effectively, and more.

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3 Key Strategies for a Successful Stadium Concession Stand

3 Ways to Make Your Stadium Concession Stand a Success


Stadium concession foods, like hot dogs and cotton candy, are an essential part of the fan experience. To be successful, operators have to overcome challenges. Long lines and detrimental wait times not only lead to unhappy customers but lower sales. Food and beverage managers benefit when they learn strategies for best serving a large quantity of people in a short amount of time.

  1. Use mobile serving stations. Strategically positioned carts can help you reach the crowds where they are. By giving an alternate location, you redirect traffic from your main concession stand lines. These mobile serving stations can be open throughout the event or only at specific times like half-time at a football game. The best items are those that are popular and easily portable like popcorn, caramel corn, and cotton candy.
  2. Grab-and-go. When time is at a minimum, having prepackaged foods available helps to keep lines moving. Items like gourmet popcorn can be made and bagged in advance. Portion Pak nacho chips and cheese are also extremely convenient. Another option is individually wrapped Meister Bake® Pretzels, which come ready-to-eat or have the option to be warmed.
  3. Practice your prep. Just like a sports team, you need to practice. Create stations to handle some of the more time-consuming tasks. Try having drills for efficiency. This will help you identify the team members who can work the fastest. The more you define your processes and responsibilities, the better prepared you will be.

If you’re curious about how you can engage customers, while producing the best profit margins, please download our guide, Find Your Competitive Edge in Stadium Foodservice