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Pork Rinds (Bacon Puffs)

Pork Rinds

For a flavorful and crunchy snack, try this tasty recipe for Pork Rinds (Bacon Puffs). Using Gold Medal’s Signature Shakes™, you’ll enjoy plenty of flavor combinations.


  • #8100 Pork Rinds (Bacon Puffs)
  • #8059 Pork Rind Kit (Bacon Puffs Cooking Kit)
  • Your choice of Signature Shakes (Recommended flavors #2353 Salt and Vinegar or #2352 Barbecue)


  • Set oil temperature on fryer to 385 degrees F.
  • Place a handful of pork rinds into the fryer basket.
  • Put a second fryer basket on top of pork rinds.
  • Submerge both baskets into fryer, using the second basket to hold pork rinds under the oil.
  • Pork rinds will take about 60 seconds to cook and enlarge.
  • Remove pork rinds and place in large bowl or pan.
  • Season to taste with your choice of Signature Shakes.