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Popping Popcorn in White Coconut Oil in a 32oz Popper

Popping Popcorn in White Coconut Oil in a 32oz Popper


Ready to pop up some fresh popcorn with ease. This recipe shows you what you need and how to make the perfect batch of popcorn. Popcorn popped in white coconut oil is perfect for making kettle corn or colored popcorn.


  • 32oz. of Popcorn - #2035 Monster Mushroom Popcorn
  • 11.5oz. of Oil - #2654 White Coconut Oil


  • On your #2011-071 Pop-O-Gold 32oz. Popper you want to:
    • Turn on oil system master switch
    • Turn on kettle motor switch
    • Turn on kettle heat switch
    • Push oil dispense button to dispense oil into kettle
  • Add 32oz. of popcorn to kettle
  • Close kettle lid
  • When buzzer sounds, dump the popped popcorn from the kettle
  • Sift out unpopped kernels