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Plum Colored Kettle Corn – For a Mark 5 Gallon Corn Treat Cooker

Plum Colored Kettle Corn


This recipe shows you how to make plum colored kettle corn in a 5 gallon corn treat cooker. Recipe can be doubled for use in a 10 gallon corn treat cooker. You can pop up a variety of kettle corn colors using any of Gold Medal’s color only Signature Blends Mixes.


  • 5 gallons of popcorn popped in white coconut oil 
  • 1 package of Basic Corn Treat Mix #2096
  • 4oz. of white coconut oil #2654
  • 4 cups of white sugar 
  • 12oz. of water
  • 1 bottle of Free N Easy #2250QT
  • 2/3 cup #2309 Red #3 Signature Blends Color Only
  • 1/3 cup #2339 Navy Blue Signature Blends Color Only


  • Make Plum Color Corn Treat Mix
    • Mix together in a bag or container
      • 2/3 cup of #2309 Red #3 Color Only Signature Blends Mix
      • 1/3 cup of #2339 Navy Blue Color Only Signature Blends Mix
    • Shake up mix and scoop out ¼ of a cup
  • Make Plum Color Kettle Corn
    • Take lid off Mark 5 Cooker Mixer
    • Turn on heat/motor switch on 
    • Add the following directly to the cooker mixer
      • 4oz. of white coconut oil #2654 
      • 1 package of Basic Corn Treats Mix #2096 
      • 4 cups of white sugar 
      • 12oz. of water
    • Place the lid back on the cooker mixer
    • When buzzer sounds, turn heat/motor switch OFF
    • Turn motor switch ON
    • Take lid off the cooker mixer
    • Add the 5 gallons of popped popcorn to the cooker mixer
    • Tilt Cooker to 2nd position to let popcorn mix
    • Spray 10 squirts of #2250Qt
    • Add 1/2 cup of Plum color Signature Blends Mix
    • Let popcorn mix for 1 minute inside cooker mixer
    • Dump popcorn into cooling tray
    • Cool popcorn for 10 minutes by stirring popcorn constantly
    • Bag or store popcorn