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Cherry Pink Popcorn

Delicious and easy to make, Gold Medal's Cherry Pink Glaze Pop® will be an instant hit with your customers. 


  • Regular amount of raw popcorn (for example, 12 ounces for a 12-ounce kettle)
  • Regular amount of white coconut oil (for example, 4 ounces for a 12-ounce kettle)
  • #2521 Cherry Pink Glaze Pop®, half the amount of kettle size (for example, 6 ounces for a 12-ounce kettle)


  • Add oil to kettle and allow to get hot
  • Add popcorn to kettle
  • Slowly add Cherry Pink Glaze Pop® to kettle
  • Let pop and dump corn promptly
  • Allow to cool; bag or store popcorn