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5 Holiday Menu Ideas to Make Customers Smile This Season

Bring Holiday Cheer to Your Menu with Christmas-Themed Candy and Treats

The holiday season is here, and as a retailer, it’s important to embrace it! Use these recipes to make your menu festive and give customers what they’re looking for this time of year. And don’t forget to market these limited-time items as holiday candy gifts for shoppers who need some inspiration.

Peppermint Bark

A seasonal favorite, this colorful holiday candy is extremely easy to make and deliciously addictive. Simply melt our flavor wafers and add garnish.

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Ginger Snap Caramel Popcorn

For an irresistible cookie crunch, add crushed ginger snaps to caramel corn, along with some ginger and cinnamon, and you’ll have customers lining up for this unique holiday flavor.

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Holiday Waffles

Green Christmas trees, red Santa hats, and chocolate reindeer waffles are a delightful surprise for customers young and old. Be creative with these! You could even allow customers to decorate their own Christmas trees with a variety of sprinkle options.

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Chocolate Peppermint Bark Fudge

A rich and decadent treat, this fudge is the perfect combination of flavors. Crushed peppermints added to the base mix make this a special, high-value menu item.

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Holiday Mix Gourmet Popcorn

Don’t forget about visual appeal! For an easy and beautiful holiday gift idea, prepare Red Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Green Apple popcorn; then mix them together and package them in a decorated tin.

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If you try any of these holiday menu ideas or have other Christmas-themed candy you love to make and sell, we want to see the results! Share on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram. And make sure to follow us on Pinterest to find more creative fun food recipes.