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Concession Trailer Owners No Strangers to Small Business Challenges

Concession trailer with popcorn and cotton candy on it.

Operating a food cart or concession trailer business affords proprietors a level of freedom, flexibility and mobility they would be hard-pressed to find in any other line of work. But despite having the ability to call their own shots with regard to schedule, location and offerings, concession trailer owners still face many of the same challenges as other small business operators, with a few twists.

Small Business Challenges

Starting a small business requires hard work, determination and resiliency. New entrepreneurs often spend long days and nights ensuring not only that their enterprise gets off the ground, but that it has a good foundation.

Of course, everything revolves around finances. From start-up costs to ongoing expenditures, it is crucial for small business owners to be very well organized in this make-or-break department in order to remain solvent and eventually establish consistent profitability.

Staffing is another critical area, as it can be a major challenge to find trustworthy and dependable employees.

Before getting into the food trailer business, it is essential to thoroughly research every facet and develop a solid business plan. This includes determining:

• What type of operation they would like to run — whether stationary or mobile.

  • Where to purchase foodservice equipment and where it can be serviced.
  • The kinds of food, snack, drink and possible novelty items they wish to sell.
  • Where to keep a mobile cart during off hours.
  • Where to store food and other concession supplies.
  • The types of locations that would best fit their strategy.

Licensing, registrations and permits are other areas of constant consideration for the food trailer owner. These and other legalities must be investigated and budgeted before moving to new locations.

Striking out on your own to carve out a niche in the world of commerce is never easy. But with a sound strategy in place, small business owners can work through the challenges to create a viable and profitable product.