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Why These 4 Fun Foods Are the Best Choices for Your Fundraiser Event

Why These 4 Fun Foods Are the Best Choices for Your Fundraiser Event

Fundraising season is just around the corner, and selling concessions as part of your upcoming fundraiser event is an excellent choice with high profit margins.

When you think of concessions, many fun foods may come to mind. It’s important to know that some options are better than others, for various reasons. Ultimately, you want to go with choices that are easy to manage and, at the end of the day, bring in the most money for your school or church. As you coordinate fundraiser event ideas, consider the following options.

Top Fun Foods to Sell at a Fundraiser

1. Popcorn
Gourmet popcorn is easy to prepare and the smell of popping popcorn will tempt anyone into making a purchase. You only need a few basic supplies along with a minimal investment to sell popcorn, and it has a 78-95% profit margin.

2. Nachos and Cheese
There is virtually no clean-up involved when it comes to selling nachos and cheese, and there’s little food waste. This tasty snack boasts a 58-75% profit margin.

3. Pizza and Pretzels
When you sell both pizza and pretzels, you can double the use of your warmer. You don’t have to choose between these popular favorites. Both can be easily displayed and kept warm by using the convenient combo rack. Profit margins are 66-72% for pizza and pretzels.

4. Hot Dogs
Gold Medal hot dog rollers are durable, easy to clean, and come in multiple sizes to accommodate both small and large volume needs. Increase your variety of options when you add bratwursts, mettwursts, or taquitos. Concession hot dogs have a 57-71% profit margin.

For even more great fundraising event ideas and choices, download our School Fundraising Guide. It includes the breakdowns of the profit margins, including your initial costs and suggested pricing, plus a helpful Q&A section. To find out more about the equipment and supplies you’ll need to make your fundraising event a success, contact Gold Medal Products Co. today.