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Why Should You Sell Frusheez® Frozen Drinks?

frozen drinks on table top surrounded by ice

Top Reasons for Selling Frusheez Frozen Drinks


Slush or frozen drinks are colorful, flavorful, and refreshingly popular additions to any menu. Find them in convenience stores, restaurants, amusement parks, and concession stands. Easy to use with high-quality performance, Frusheez is the name to trust for the best slush machines. Let’s explore why you should consider selling Frusheez frozen drinks!

Ease of Preparation

With state-of-the-art Frusheez machines and convenient mixes, your staff can prepare perfect slush without any hassles. The machine does most of the work for you. Quick serving times will keep your lines moving and the customers smiling.

Flavorful Selection

Frusheez offers a diverse range of flavors that appeal to both children and adults. From traditional cherry and blue raspberry to pink lemonade or mango, there’s something for everyone. Even try margarita or piña colada for mocktails or kick it up a notch for the of-age crowd.

Primed for Profitability

The cost of producing Frusheez frozen drinks is surprisingly low. It is a high-margin product, as it has a high perceived value. So, businesses can set prices that are both attractive to customers and profitable for operators.

Unique Selling Point

Customers will thoroughly appreciate having an alternative to traditional beverages or sodas. It’s more than a business transaction, there’s a fun factor with slush! Children’s eyes light up watching the colors swirl into their cup. And adults will savor each refreshingly cold sip.

Promotional Friendly

The vibrant colors and aesthetic appeal of Frusheez make it extremely photo worthy. It is an experience that customers enjoy and remember. Encourage customers to share their slush on social media and you’ll receive free publicity and brand awareness.

Year-Round Appeal

Frusheez isn’t just for summer alone. Sell slush year-round! Enjoy seasonal flavors like apple cider for fall.  Or cool off with sweet tea in the warmer months. No matter what the occasion, frozen drinks can allow you to cater to consumer preferences all year long.

three frozen slushy drinks called frusheez

Getting Started with Frusheez Frozen Drinks

Selling slush is not just about quenching thirst – you’re creating a nostalgic experience! Frusheez offers you the opportunity to enhance your business in a fun, refreshing, and profitable way. Whether you’re a small business owner, food and beverage manager, or caterer, you’ll want to have the best commercial frozen drink machines available.


Serve up the best frozen drinks with a Frusheez slush machine! Available in single, twin, and triple bowl, there’s an option for any size of business.


If you need your slush machine to be mobile, be sure to protect your machine with a Frusheez carrying tote


Frusheez mixes, cups, spoon straws, and more! Trust Gold Medal for all of the slush supplies you need to be successful.

little girl on a pier with a frusheez in hand

Proven Profitability of Frusheez Frozen Drinks

Affordable and easy to use, Frusheez commercial slush machines make it simple to earn profits in a relatively short timeframe. Thanks to a low cost per serving, average profit margins can range as high as 85%! This is a high-volume seller that will deliver results. So, dive into this chill opportunity and get started today!

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