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Why Should You Sell Shave Ice?

A person holds a rainbow pop style shaved ice cup

Top Reasons for Selling Shave Ice

Cool, refreshing, tasty, and fun, shave ice is more than just a frozen treat, it is a menu item known for both popularity and profitability. With snow-like, finely shaved ice and a large collection of flavored syrups, you can create Hawaiian shaved ice creations that will bring in customers.

High Profit Margins

Shaved ice ingredients are fairly inexpensive as you just need ice and flavored syrups. The low cost of production means you can set prices that consumers find reasonable while still earning substantial profit margins.

Minimal Startup Costs

In comparison to other food businesses, starting a shave ice business requires a relatively low initial investment. You’ll need an ice shaver, ice, flavored syrups, cups, spoons, and a few other accessories. It makes an attractive opportunity for new entrepreneurs.

Appealing Customer Experience

Shave ice is a fun, nostalgic treat that’s loved by all ages. Customers appreciate the experience of choosing flavors and watching the ice get shaved. It appeals to diverse tastes because of the wide array of flavors.

Easy to Use

Operating a commercial shave ice machine requires minimal training. With just a bit of practice, you’ll master the skill of ice shaving. User-friendly designs offer convenient options like foot pedal switches for hands-free operation.

Highly Marketable

In the age of social media, a vibrant, colorful shave ice is incredibly photogenic. Plus, with all the flavor choices, each one can be customized for the individual. Happy customers will be encouraged to share their treats on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms.

Versatile Business Models

Shave ice can be sold in various settings – from a brick-and-mortar store, a mobile cart, a kiosk in a shopping mall, a food truck, a restaurant, or a booth at a festival or event. The equipment is compact and can easily fit in almost any location.

a person holds a green cup filled with shaved ice

Getting Started with Shave Ice

Shave ice turns fluffy snow into the coolest of refreshments! With shavers designed for maximum production capacity, you can be confident you have the hardest-working setup. Accessories like the ice hopper extension, ice molds, and ice shapers make the job easier. And with a wide selection of flavorings, there’s something for every taste!


For quality, performance, and reliability, trust Gold Medal shave ice machines. Get the finest texture for your shave ice treats to maximize flavor.


Be even more efficient and sell more shave ice when you invest in worthwhile shave ice accessories. The ice hopper extension increases your production capabilities while the bottle rack displays your flavorings.


Make customers happy with a rainbow of shaved ice syrups. From the favorite cherry and blue raspberry to unique flavors like banana, cherry cola, cotton candy, and pink lemonade, your flavors will keep customers coming back for more!

a smiling woman in front of a ocean side background enjoys shaved ice.

Proven Profitability of Shave Ice

One of the key reasons shave ice is so appealing is the profitability. With a simple business model and low-cost raw materials, expenses are minimal. Profit margins can easily range 80% or higher. Customers aren’t just paying for the product itself, but also the experience of a refreshing, customizable treat. Plus, you can boost the value even more with upsells like toppings or premium flavors. Shave ice makes a compelling business opportunity!


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