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How White Popcorn Satisfies Snacking Trends

A bowl of white popcorn sit with a gray backdrop and pieces of popcorn strewn about

Learn What’s Driving Today’s Snacking Decisions

Did you know consumers are snacking more today than ever before? Gone are the days when meals were neatly bracketed into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In a profound shift nicknamed “snackification,” there is evidence that snacking has become a lifestyle in the U.S. According to the Circana 2023 Snacking Survey, nearly half of consumers snack 3+ snacks per day. And Mintel’s Salty Snacks 2023 survey states 27% of consumers say they are snacking more. What’s driving this “snack attack” trend? Let’s delve into the data behind today’s snacking decisions and take a look at some of the key factors to consider when planning what snacks to sell.

A group of three women sit on a couch during with a christmas tree in background eating popcorn on the couch and smiling.

Crunching the Snacking Numbers

Snacking has been historically fueled by the younger generation of 18-to-24-year-olds. Not surprisingly that includes the college-aged population. But now, the age group for snacking has widened to include ages 25-44. Busy parents and working adults are turning to convenient, grab-and-go snacks to incorporate into their fast-paced lives.  

There are multiple factors behind current snacking behaviors. Some of the strongest themes found in the Circana 2023 Snacking Survey are:

  • Fun and Indulgence: One of the key drivers of snacking trends is the fun factor. A considerable 62% of consumers want snacks that are fun to eat. These consumers associate snacking with a break from the everyday hustle, an opportunity to uplift their mood, and experience a moment of pleasure.


  • Functional Benefits: As health consciousness continues to be a prevalent consideration, 54% of consumers say snacks are an important part of their healthy eating plan throughout the day. Rather than just curbing hunger, snacks can be a source of nutrition, contributing to a balanced diet.


  • Fulfilling: Another critical function of snacks is to provide sustained energy. A substantial 66% of consumers snack to fuel the day. Staving off hunger and maintaining energy levels are key benefits as it prevents overeating at meal times and can assist with better weight management.


  • Flavorful: Aside from functional attributes, a central expectation consumers have from their snacks is great taste. 83% of consumers want snacks that have the flavor they prefer. While flavor is a subjective characteristic, the most successful snacks appeal to a diversity of palates.


  • Convenience: The modern lifestyle has made convenience a snacking trend. 71% of consumers don’t plan when they will eat snacks. These buyers look for ready-to-eat options that don’t require prep or cleanup. Also, these individuals can be influenced by sensory factors such as the sight, sound, or aroma of fresh prepared foods.


  • Meal Replacement: The lines between meals and snacking are blurring. Now, 50% of consumers eat snacks instead of a meal because they are on the go. These individuals need high-quality, nutritious snacks.


  • Affordability: Price remains a significant factor in snacking choices with 72% of consumers looking at the price before choosing what to snack. Providing good value for money without sacrificing quality or taste matters to consumers.

Source: Circana 2023 Snacking Survey

When is Snack Time?

In determining the prime snacking time of day, dollar sales are growing across the board. While afternoon is most popular, the largest growth based on timeframe has occurred in morning and late evening. This means there is opportunity throughout the day and the most versatile snacks have the greatest potential to be top performers. White popcorn can be enjoyed as a mid-morning snack, an afternoon pick-me-up, dinner companion, or post-meal indulgence. It’s a fit in an office setting, at home, or on-the-go. As a light snack option, it won’t leave you feeling overly full, yet it still helps to stave off hunger throughout the day.

Balancing Health and Indulgence in Snacking

It seems today’s consumers walk a virtual tightrope when it comes to snacking because both health and indulgence play a role. Snacks that can meet both are rare and highly desirable. Customers want to treat themselves without sacrificing wellbeing.

White popcorn is an ideal fit as it offers many key benefits:

  • All-Natural
  • Gluten Free
  • Whole Grain
  • Peanut Free
  • Non-Dairy
  • Contains No Artificial Additives, Colors, or Flavors

High in fiber and low in calories, it is the snack choice for guilt-free indulgence, perfect for today’s health-conscious consumers.

close up shot of fingers hold a single piece of white popcorn on a baby blue background

How is White Popcorn Different?

White popcorn is different from traditional yellow popcorn in its unique physical structure. Its hull (or outer layer of the kernel) is thinner. It gives the popped popcorn an extra tender texture. Light and fluffy, white popcorn melts in your mouth. Free from added ingredients, the flavor profile is subtle and light.  

Getting Started with White Popcorn

White popcorn ticks all the right boxes: flavor, health benefits, convenience, and affordability, making it an all-star in the current snacking landscape. For easy prep, you can rely on Mega Pop White Popcorn Kits to deliver a wholesome, high-quality popcorn experience customers will enjoy!

Each kit comes complete with just three simple ingredients: white popcorn kernels, white coconut oil, and salt. Everything comes premeasured so you’ll save time and energy with no cumbersome measuring. All the ingredients are portioned for consistent popping with each batch. Available for 8-oz or 16-oz kettle sizes, Mega Pop White Popcorn Kits are an ideal fit for all types of venues from grocery stores to movie theaters, schools and universities, parks, and more.

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Navigating the snacking landscape reveals that consumers are seeking options that meet their needs in terms of health, pleasure, convenience, and value. The universal appeal of white popcorn shows that it is a snack with powerful potential.

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