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Why Selling Fudge is a Smart Business Decision


How do you decide what products are the right additions for your business? While there are always a lot of different factors to consider, the smartest options will have clear cut benefits. And we think you’ll be impressed by what fudge has to offer. Take a look at this checklist and imagine how fudge can work for you! 

  • Practical Production – Sweet Selections™ Fudge Mix makes producing fudge easier than ever. The original 1-STEP mix is unmatched in the industry. Competitors have time-consuming, step-by-step instructions with multiple mixes. With Sweet Selections, simply combine butter, water and only one bag of mix and you’re done. It saves more than 20 minutes in production time.
  • Great Use of Space – When it comes to utilizing space efficiently, fudge gives you more bang for your buck. The Sweet Selections™ Fudge Mixer design is conveniently compact to produce the greatest profits per square foot. In addition, it can be mounted on either a stationary counter/base or a wheeled truck, so you can choose what set-up works for your space.
  • Maximize Your Margins – Because fudge has a high perceived value and low costs to produce, you have the ability to set retail prices that are appealing to the customer and still favorable for your business. Profit margins can range as high as 80%.
  • Make It Your Own – Completely customizable, you can create your own unique line of fudge. Try your own recipes and make a list of signature flavors. As the manufacturer and retailer, the branding is entirely yours.
  • Very Versatile – Fudge makes a pleasing dessert, gift, party food or decadent snack. There’s a wide range of companies or organizations who can benefit by entering the fudge business from grocery stores, candy shops, tourist attractions and gift shops to restaurants, movie theatres and even fundraisers.
  • The Idea of Indulgence – Consumer trends show that individuals aren’t giving up on indulgences. In fact, the market is poised for growth. Fudge offers the perfect premium product to attract customers. Making fudge on-site gives off a sweet aroma and an engaging visual that will help drive impulse buys.

Think fudge may be right for you, but have more questions? Excited about the possibilities and interested in seeing a demonstration? If you’re curious about learning more, visit If you’d like to have a conversation with one of our concession specialists, feel free to contact us directly at 800-543-0862 or email We are happy to help!


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